Inspection Unit

Inspection Unit

Canon imagePRESS C10010VP Inspection Unit

Eliminate manual inspection of prints on the imagePRESS C10010VP Series with accurate, automated quality assurance for every single page.

  • 0.2mm diameter

    defect detection

  • 64 adjustable zones

    to tailor inspection for each page

  • 9 sensitivity levels

    adjustable for each inspection zone

  • Ensure perfect prints without manual inspection

    The Inspection Unit monitors every printed page for image defects such as dirt, distortion, streaks and variable data to check OCR, Barcode, Alphanumerical characters and specific symbols. Automatically reprint faulty pages – so you can maintain consistent quality without the time and expense of physical checks.

    Deliver perfect prints every time

    The Inspection Unit is highly accurate, detecting imperfections as small as 0.2 mm without slowing down printing, so you can ensure each page is consistently free from flaws.

    Save time with automatic reprinting

    Pages which do not pass the inspection criteria can be automatically removed and reprinted to ensure high-quality output without manual intervention.

    Optimise accuracy, resource use and productivity by setting priority inspection areas

    Users can set up to 64 zones on each sheet for image and 60 zones on each sheet for variable data checks within nine possible levels of sensitivity. For example, a higher quality standard might be set for company logos, with less stringent controls for background images. This helps avoid wasting resources on unnecessary reprints, without compromising on the details that matter.

    Inspection Unit

    Improvements without compromise

    Manual inspection usually requires a highly qualified operator to spend significant time checking each page for defects – an expensive process still prone to human error. Let the Inspection Unit handle this process for you, saving time, while maintaining accuracy.
    Advanced Automation Modules Brochure [pdf, 444 kb]

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