Empowering unique interior décor designs with Arizona and Colorado printers

How Nino-Art elevates spaces and creates high-quality interior décor applications with the Arizona and Colorado printers.

Arizona flatbed printer with proud owners

Partnering for Creative Excellence

We are proud to be a trusted partner in empowering small businesses like Nino-Art to deliver exceptional home decor designs. Through our collaboration, Nino-Art supplies captivating interior decor pieces to home furnishing shops in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, showcasing their creativity and setting themselves apart in the market.

Captivating Designs, Controlled Process

Nino-Art takes full control of the creative process, from capturing their own photos to meticulous editing. Leveraging the power of Canon's state-of-the-art Arizona flatbed and Colorado UVgel printer, they produce flawless proofs, ensuring that each design meets their high standards. Nino-Art proudly showcases their creations on their website, providing customers with an effortless way to explore and place direct orders.

Owner of Nino-Art taking photos of Canon interior decor

"With Canon's advanced technology and unwavering support, we have perfected our designs and offer unique interior décor pieces that captivate and elevate spaces."

Will Biesheuvel, owner, Nino-Art

Trusted Support, Seamless Operations

Our partnership is built on trust and collaboration. Canon provides Nino-Art with regular maintenance visits from our skilled representatives, ensuring smooth operations of their equipment. We stand by Nino-Art, supporting them in overcoming challenges and fostering a pleasant working environment.

Innovative Materials, Distinctive Designs

Canon's commitment to innovation extends to materials as well. Together, we have explored advanced printing techniques on various surfaces, including the unique art of printing on recycled MDF. This breakthrough allows Nino-Art to offer extraordinary designs that stand out in the market, adding a distinctive touch to their creations.

Nino-Art specialises in supplying home furnishing shops, prioritising uniqueness over mass production. Their commitment to crafting each piece with care using high-quality materials aligns perfectly with Canon's values. While their prices may be slightly higher, Nino-Art's unwavering attention to detail ensures their designs shine brilliantly, enabling retailers to differentiate themselves in the industry.

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