CAD prints in a hurry? Fix your frustrations with a large format printer designed for productivity


CAD prints in a hurry? Fix your frustrations with a large format printer designed for productivity

Andriani Lada
Andriani Lada

Product Manager, Canon Europe

Picture the scene. You’re getting ready for a meeting and you’ve sent your latest CAD drawings to the plotter. You’re hoping to find ten sets of prints waiting for you, so you can just collect and go. 
Instead, you find the printer is off. It takes what feels like forever to warm up and when it finally starts to print, only five and a half copies come out. On closer inspection, you see that the image is faded. Bad news – not only have you run out of media and ink, but you’re now running late and you still don’t have the print-outs you need. 
With a new media roll to find and fit, and fresh ink tanks to slot in, you’re really up against it now. Someone showed you how to do this a while back, and they made it look easy, but now’s not the time to be reaching for a manual to remind yourself how it’s done.
Does this sound familiar? Any architect, engineer, surveyor, designer who relies on access to a CAD printer in a shared workspace will probably recognise this scenario. But the latest design innovations in digital large format printing mean that these headaches can be a thing of the past.
We listened to the frustrations of the people who rely on a large format printer in their everyday jobs and considered how we could design a printer that would solve these problems. The result is the new imagePROGRAF TZ-30000, which blends the familiarity of your old LED plotter with the performance capabilities of a fully-featured digital large format printer. There’s also the option of the MFP Z36 model, packing even greater functionality into the same footprint by integrating a high-quality multi-function scanner, making it particularly suited to smaller office spaces.

the new imagePROGRAF TZ-30000
The new imagePROGRAF TZ-30000

Compact enough to fit in any workspace, the new models are easier to install than a self-build bookcase and you can be up and running in under half an hour. Printing at speeds of four A1 CAD pages per minute, you’re working with the fastest imagePROGRAF in the series, with a robust build designed to handle high production volumes of between 300 and 500 square metres a month, so it’s a great fit for copy shops and service bureaus too.

With front access to all operations, this printer is a breeze for even the most inexperienced user. Firstly, it won’t have you standing around wasting time while it warms up, as it returns from sleep mode in 32 seconds. And you’ll have the first A1 print in your hands within 20 seconds of hitting the print button.

There’s no more scrambling around when trying to replace media and inks. Thanks to the hot swap media rolls (an industry first!) and ink tanks, you can even refill and replace the printer consumables mid-print. A new smart roll set feature automatically picks up on the media width and type, so you can just place the roll into the feeder and let the printer do the rest.

And you won’t be caught short by media running out in the middle of a job.  Built with the capacity for two rolls, the printer can switch seamlessly between the lower and upper roll, which means you can keep printing, non-stop.

Once your prints are finished, they’re easy to remove from the top of the printer and if you’re printing a larger batch, you can rely on the delivery tray stacker, which holds up to 100 A0-sized printouts, or mixed formats.

Whether you’re producing CAD drawings, maps or posters, you want high quality, fine black lines and sharp text without feathering. This printer uses Canon’s LUCIA TD ink technology, so printed results are outstanding, and because this ink is weather-resistant, there’s no colour fade.

Information security is vital too, so the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 is designed for total peace of mind. Prints come out face-down, preventing others from seeing them, and all file data is erased from the hard disk once the print job is finished. You can also use optional features such as PIN code and interface security to prevent unauthorised access.

Think about how many hours you waste in a typical year, waiting for your old plotter to do what you need it to do. Now think about how that time adds up across your team. At a time when business is set to spring back to life and you need all the productivity you can muster, wouldn’t that wasted time be better channelled into meeting the growing demands of your customers and your business?

To find out more about how the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 can boost your business productivity visit our website.



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