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Four things to remember about our updated Partner Programme

Nimisha Overton
Nimisha Overton

European Partner Programme Lead

Across the region, members of the Canon Partner Programme receive great rewards and incentives and have access to a comprehensive catalogue of services. But, for us, it’s all about helping them grow.

We support our community with knowledge, leads, market insights, news on industry changes, advice on business plans and much more. Through dedicated Canon Account Managers, Canon Partners can become more efficient and, as a result, more profitable. In return, our Partners strengthen our position as a trusted brand.

In response to global changes in the past couple of years, we’ve updated our Partner Programme to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. The pandemic has accelerated our need to evolve. We’ve listened to feedback from industry analysts and Canon colleagues who work very closely with our Partner Channel teams locally.

But, most importantly, we’ve listened to Partners. Based on discussions with them, we’ve refreshed the scheme to support this evolution. It has been designed to appeal to a greater variety of customer organisations while delivering a more personalised approach with clear paths of progression across our B2B portfolio. We’ve summarised our changes in four simple points.

1. It’s built for digital transformation services

The pandemic spurred and sped up digital transformation across multiple sectors. Our new Partner Programme addresses the increased demand for efficient, user-friendly workflow integration across printing, scanning and imaging solutions. It has also been redeveloped to help unlock new routes to market, to help Canon Partners grow their top line.

2. It’s a clearer, more tailored programme

In the newly refined scheme, our Partners are more clearly recognised for their expertise across Workspace, Scanning, Professional Print and Large Format Printing. These specialisms mean that we can provide a more personalised experience for every Partner and provide support and advice in exactly the right areas.

3. It means Partners get better support, faster

Our redesign ensures we can support our Partners even better than before. Systems and processes are now quicker, while local initiatives can be built more easily to follow the three pillars of the programme: to support, to innovate and to develop with our Partners.

4. It’s all about local relationships

Nurturing local relationships has always been at the core of the Partner network. For 2022 and beyond, there’s even more emphasis on providing our Partners with the local support and flexibility that we know is crucial in our industry. However, it works both ways: our Partners’ unparalleled understanding of local markets works in tandem with our brand reputation so that, together, we can break new ground. We will continue to recognise and reward our Partners’ loyalty to Canon and their key role in creating change.

Thanks to these developments, our Canon Partner Programme is better placed than ever to deliver on its objectives. It protects our Partners’ bottom line, supporting their operating model with access to technical training and tools, enabling them to close more deals. It grows their top line, providing the bigger picture of the market, identifying customer needs, turning awareness into demand. And it helps them become more effective, through attending dedicated sales workshops, networking at both local and European events, developing leadership skills and harnessing our expertise – accrued over 90 years.

For more information visit our Canon Partner Programme website.

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