EOS R5 camera with RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM lens and microphone


Achieving the 'impossible' with the EOS R5

Issei Morimoto
Issei Morimoto

Senior VP ITCG Product Management and Marketing

To sum up what Canon does for content creators in one sentence, it is ‘to empower them to capture things they could only imagine before’. This has always been part of Canon’s DNA ever since the company was founded in 1937.

What has changed over the years, is the demand for content creators to be multi-skilled across both photography and video to tell rich and immersive stories. Many photographers are expected to not only take breath-taking images but also produce engaging, well-shot, high-quality video content. So, there’s a market need – a purpose – for hybrid technology that can push the boundaries in both areas.

Since the Kwanon camera launch we’ve been driven by our customers to support their multitude of demands with industry-defining kit.

We’re the market leader because we make the ‘impossible’ possible. With every new product, we push the boundaries of photography and filmmaking using our expertise in innovation and world-class optical technology manufacturing. Whether that is introducing the first DSLR with Full HD video capabilities, the EOS 5D Mark II, or introducing Dual Pixel CMOS AF to dramatically improve autofocus for filmmakers – Canon has always been at the forefront of defining the pioneering moments that have changed the imaging industry. Continuous research and development is embedded in our culture, which is why we invest up to eight per cent of our global revenues each year investing in the future of imaging technology.

Our success is built on a culture which is focused on our customers’ needs. Not just for today, but also for tomorrow. We are the driving force in determining the technology direction of the industry because we manufacture and excel in the trinity of imaging; the three core components of a camera – the lens, sensor and processor.

EOS R5 camera with RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM lens
EOS R5 with RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM

The EOS R System is a great example of Canon’s support and commitment to creating the next generation camera system that will be number one for years to come. Rather than setting out to create a Full Frame mirrorless system just for today, Canon has innovated a system that can be at the forefront of technology over the next 30 years. The lens has always been at the core of the EOS System, and that has continued with the ground-breaking RF lens mount at the heart of the EOS R System. This enables us to ensure that photographers and filmmakers can meet the demands of today and to be equipped for the possibilities of tomorrow.

When the EOS R System launched in 2018, it heralded a new era for Canon. Just two years later, we’ve introduced an impressive RF lens line-up, three cameras, and three adapters to the EOS R System. Most recently, we’ve shared news of more RF lenses and extenders to come in 2020 with the fourth camera – the EOS R5 – leading the way.

Following on from the camera’s development announcement in February, we’ve now confirmed the ‘impossible’, announcing the EOS R5 will be able to record non-cropped 8K footage at up to 30p internally with Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus. It is also the first Canon camera that features in body stabilisation in conjunction with stabilisation in the lens, which offers significant improvements in shake reduction and creates new possibilities to capture images using longer shutter speeds. We have also included advanced animal tracking AF that can track not only the eye but also the face and bodies of dogs, cats and birds. These features are a direct response to what our customers asked for – we listened, and we delivered.

I’m excited to hear the world’s reaction to the EOS R5 as I feel this camera is a real game-changer. It is truly a camera crafted with the photographer at its heart and a product with purpose. The camera’s combination of speed and resolution, video capabilities that mirror those of high-end cinema cameras are all reasons why I am confident the EOS R5 is redefining the mirrorless market.

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