Canon EOS RP Autofocus


Focus anywhere in an instant

Innovative and packed with state-of-the art features, the Canon EOS RP offers the exceptionally fast AF at 0.05 seconds1. The flexibility of the extended AF area coupled with EOS RP’s low light capability, speed and tracking means that whether you’re shooting travel, landscape, portrait or video, the Canon EOS RP enables you to extend your storytelling and capture images which expands your creativity.

Gergo shootin wth Canon EOS RP
Canon EOS RP sample mountain landscape

Red line represents approx. 88% (horizontal) x approx. 100% (vertical) of the area is covered by the total image frame.

Supported lenses: RF lenses, and EF lenses (most of the existing lenses, with a few exceptions).

Blue represents up to 4779 AF positions

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Canon EOS RP image quality


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Canon EOS RP Wi-Fi and connectivity


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Canon EOS RP capturing a bee

Eye-catching portraiture

For portraits that stand out, Eye AF is built into the Canon EOS RP. This Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology helps keep your subject’s eyes in super sharp focus when in Face Detect mode, ensuring pin sharp image quality in your portraits. Eye AF works with the Canon EOS RP in One Shot AF mode, Servo AF mode and Movie Servo AF ensuring both static and moving subjects are captured with their eyes clearly in focus. Touch and drag AF makes it easy to change focus position easily.

Pixels which enable both phase different AF and imaging
Pixels which enable both phase different AF and imaging

Stacked with great depth-of-field

When it’s important to have maximum depth-of-field right across an image such as macro images, focus bracketing can ensure ultimate sharpness. With one press of the shutter button, the Canon EOS RP shoots continuously with the focal distance adjusted automatically from the initial position right through to the background. A composite image is then created through Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software to create one image which is in focus throughout.

Canon EOS RP focus bracketing flower

1 As of 13 February 2019, among interchangeable lens digital mirrorless cameras incorporating a 35mm full-frame equivalent image sensor with contrast detection AF and phase detection AF on the image plane. Calculated from the results of measured AF speed, based on CIPA guidelines (differs depending on shooting conditions and lens used). Measured using internal methods. Measurement conditions: EV12 (ambient temperature/ISO 100), Manual Mode, using the RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM (at a focal length of 24mm) with the following settings: shutter released using the shutter button, 1-point AF (Center AF), One-Shot AF

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