Hybrid working and mobility

Successful hybrid working means work is equally productive, collaborative and secure, regardless of where it takes place. Here’s how Canon can help.
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Canon Hybrid Working Solutions

From simple scanning and printing through to performing complex workflows, ensure your workforce can operate productively, collaboratively and securely from any device. Whether in the office, at home or on-the-go, your team needs the tools to succeed.
Business Launch - Hybrid Working and Mobility
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Hybrid Business Guide

Hybrid Working In Action

Adapting your model to hybrid working can be difficult. But done right, hybrid working can be a win-win that provides better productivity and greater flexibility and freedom for employees.

Learn how to empower your organisation with the tools to face the challenges of hybrid working, from customer contracts to onboarding and accounts payable.

The Future Of Work

From company and home offices to mobile and community offices, learn about the environments, behaviours and expectations that will shape the future of work in our infographic on hybrid working trends.


for your organisation:
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  • Improve Mobility And Collaboration

    Print, capture, access, retrieve, share and manage documents from anywhere with cloud-connected devices, solutions and services.

  • Enhance Workforce Experience

    A hybrid approach to print and scan gives users access whether in the office, at home or on the go. Monitor and reduce errors with enhanced process control and visibility.

  • Ensure Cloud-Ready Strategy

    Accelerate the transition to a hybrid working model with an ecosystem that empowers your employees to perform their activities from anywhere, ensuring agility and productivity.

  • Drive Digitisation And Productivity

    Accelerate your digital transformation with an efficient, future-proofed print and scan infrastructure, for improved paper and digital workflow integration.

  • Strengthen Security

    Technologies and services help preserve data and information security, meet regulatory compliance and maintain business continuity, in any workspace.


    for you as a:
    Benefits of hybrid working with Canon
  • Business owner

    Make your organisation fit for the future by empowering your workforce with the tools to work efficiently and securely from any location.

  • IT professional

    Speed up implementation and free up your IT team with turnkey solutions. Simplify and automate business processes to increase efficiency and ensure security and compliance.

  • End user

    Easily interact with devices and digital information through the cloud, so you can work efficiently and productively from home, a satellite office, the business headquarters or on the go.

  • IT procurement

    Rely on a trusted partner who can provide a comprehensive ecosystem of hardware, software and end-to-end services to meet your unique needs.

  • Technology adapter

    Progress your digital transformation journey and accelerate the transition to hybrid working with a cloud-enabled ecosystem that will ensure agility and productivity anywhere, and integrate easily with new technology.

  • Solutions

    Digital Transformation Services

    Drive forward your digital transformation by combining our managed print services and workspace collaboration solutions in a single package.

    Discover How to Help Your People Work Effectively From Anywhere

    Explore the common challenges faced by organisations moving to and managing a hybrid working environment, and their solutions.


    Information security management in a hybrid workspace

    Discover how to tackle the common security challenges raised when managing a hybrid working environment – such as how to extend the protection you’ve built into your office to other working environments.

    Hybrid working in action
    How to maintain and accelerate productivity in a hybrid workspace


    How to maintain and accelerate productivity in a hybrid workspace

    Find answers to common questions about addressing productivity challenges in a hybrid working environment – including how to ensure teams using paper-based workflows can still work efficiently in a distributed environment.


    5 tips for managing successful hybrid working

    Gain valuable guidance on adapting your organisation for hybrid working effectively, from the start – from replanning your workflows to reviewing your security weak points.

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    Hybrid Working With Canon

    Hybrid Business Guide

    Hybrid Working With Canon

    Work from anywhere with help from Canon’s Digital Transformation Ecosystem. Discover how to keep your team connected to business documents and workflows, with our customer brochure.

    Why Canon For Your Hybrid Working And Mobility Needs?

    Why Canon For Your Hybrid Working And Mobility Needs
    • Full Portfolio

      The broad scope of our ecosystem of products and services means we can identify the right combination of solutions to fit your unique and evolving business needs as you move into a hybrid working environment.

    • Trusted Partner

      As an established and trusted technology innovator, we have the experience and expertise to support successful hybrid working.

    • Comprehensive Support

      We’re on hand with expert assistance to not only find the right solution for you, but guide you through transitions and upgrades, and offer support for anything else you need.

    • Improved Sustainability

      We’ll help you meet your internal sustainability targets with ambitious, continual efforts to improve the energy and resource-efficiency of our products and reduce CO2 emissions across their lifecycle.

    Related Products and Solutions

    Explore specific Canon solutions that will help support your hybrid working journey.

  • Therefore™ & Therefore Online

    Efficient document workflow software with powerful features – transform the way you manage and share business documents.

  • Cloud Workspace Collaboration

    The perfect document management and collaboration cloud-service for a hybrid business with a distributed workforce.

  • uniFLOW Online

    A single cloud-based platform that connects all working locations so you can centrally manage your fleet, no matter where devices are located.

  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series

    Manage and process documents faster and more securely with our advanced smart A3 colour multifunction devices.

  • Laser Printers for Home & Office

    Experience productive printing with a Canon laser printer.

  • Document Scanning & Capture Software

    Discover our Canon document scanning and capture software that increases productivity and cuts costs.

  • Document Scanners

    Discover new levels of speed, efficiency and quality with our document scanners.

  • Explore Further

  • Preparing for the unexpected: The business tools you need to stay agile

    Investment in cloud, automation and digital transformation is more essential than ever before.

  • Harnessing the cloud in tomorrow’s workspace

    Collaborate efficiently and securely with cloud platforms.

  • Guide: How to deliver a secure digital workspace

    Our solutions and services can help you secure your documents and sensitive data without impacting employees’ ability to access the information they need.

  • Cloud is the new normal

    Discover how the cloud can help businesses to overcome the challenges of the ‘new normal’.

  • Agile Working

    Empower your teams to work efficiently and effectively from any location.

  • Cloud print

    Bridge the gap between paper and digital processes, with our award-winning cloud print solution.

  • For more information and questions, please contact us.