Bridging Accessibility and Artistry with Elevated Printing Technology video

Bridging Accessibility and Artistry with Elevated Printing Technology

Discover how Canon is pioneering new possibilities in printing with Arizona flatbed printers and PRISMAelevate XL software for textured print applications. From enhancing capabilities for the visually impaired to elevating art and interior décor to revolutionising the way retailers, corporate spaces, and hospitality industries can transform their environments.

Advanced elevated printing

Embark on a journey through the evolution of printing technology, where we lead the way in pioneering solutions that enhance experiences for all users, including those with visual impairments, and elevate a broad spectrum of applications from art to interior décor. From PRISMAelevate XL for creating elevated print files to the Arizona flatbed systems for printing the actual elevated and tactile prints, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. Explore a wealth of diverse applications, illuminating real-life examples, and exciting new business prospects.

Elevated print in every dimension

Canon Solutions for elevated applications

Arizona flatbed printers

Canon Arizona flatbed printers redefine print possibilities with their exceptional elevated printing capabilities. These innovative machines produce vivid, textured prints that you can feel, bringing a new dimension to visuals. With high precision and the ability to add raised effects, the Arizona series turns ordinary images into tactile and textured masterpieces, enabling a truly multisensory experience.

Arizona flatbed printers
PRISMAelevate XL

PRISMAelevate XL

Take your prints to the next level with PRISMAelevate XL, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use software application. Offer exciting textured print applications and target new, high-end markets with value-adding tactile print applications. Craft touchable depth and texture with surfaces that rise up, featuring embossed details, metallic highlights, and elevated text for a dynamic tactile experience.

Beyond the surface: case studies in elevated printing

A Dali-Inspired Journey

A Dali-Inspired Journey

STALE AMSTERDAM’s unique approach to portraiture has captivated the art world, with his pieces teeming with emotion and personality. His new collection, inspired by Dali, has been digitally transformed and printed to feature accent colors from the artist’s favorite Dali masterpieces. These artworks features a striking array of color adjustments to Dali’s eyes, color layers and the background canvas. Explore STALE AMSTERDAM's collection and see the world through a new lens of colour and emotion.

Taste for tactile print

Discover the art of Guttestreker, a Norwegian artist duo pioneering the fusion of tactile print and digital innovation. Utilizing the latest Canon technology, their creations come to life in an unprecedented manner, where unique drawings emerge layer by layer on the Arizona printer, crafting a tactile masterpiece on metal plates. This meticulous process, results in artwork with a distinct "touch and feel". Experience their unique approach to art that challenges perceptions and invites engagement.

Taste for tactile print
Touching Vermeer: A Multisensory Masterpiece Experience

Touching Vermeer: A Multisensory Masterpiece Experience

Explore the enigma of the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" as Johannes Vermeer envisioned her over 350 years ago. The Maurithuis recently showcased this iconic Dutch masterpiece through untold stories of its inception, supported by Canon's innovative elevated print technology. Visitors experienced a tactile, 4-meter-high dimensional print, magnifying the original 1665 artwork a hundredfold, both visible and touchable. Canon's advanced PRISMAelevate XL software and the Arizona flatbed printer series made this possible, offering a unique, multisensory encounter with history.

Revolutionising braille printing

The Christian Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CBB) is one of the largest braille printers in Europe. They have been producing braille for more than 100 years. With the arrival of the Arizona and the Zünd/ProCut digital cutting table they are able to offer a total package. Previously, it was not possible to combine relief with fine structuring or with full colour, nor was it possible to print relief on other materials. Now all of this is possible.

Revolutionising braille printing
World Unseen Exhibition

World Unseen Exhibition

World unseen pioneers an extraordinary campaign to meld the visual with the tactile, providing a novel sensory experience for those who are visually impaired. With the aid of cutting-edge printing technology, this initiative crafts raised, textured images that invite exploration through touch rather than sight, revolutionizing the way traditional imagery is experienced. This innovative method empowers individuals who depend less on vision to connect with the realm of photography, art, and the intrinsic beauty of their surroundings in a refreshingly inclusive manner.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is elevated print and how does it differ from regular printing?

      Elevated printing involves creating tactile layers of ink on a surface, offering a textured finish. Unlike regular printing, which produces flat images, elevated printing adds depth and dimension, allowing for more intricate designs with physical texture. This technique is particularly useful in applications requiring tactile feedback or visually striking effects, such as braille, signage, interior décor or art reproductions.

    • What are the benefits of using elevated print?

      Elevated print offers several benefits, including enhanced tactile experience, improved accessibility for visually impaired individuals through tactile cues like braille, increased durability and wear resistance, and the ability to produce visually striking and unique designs that stand out.

    • What are the applications of tactile print?

      Tactile printing is widely used in various fields for its ability to enhance sensory experiences and accessibility. Key applications include:

      Accessibility: Producing braille and tactile graphics for the visually impaired.
      Education: Creating tactile materials for interactive learning.
      Signage: Developing accessible signage with raised letters and symbols.
      Interior décor: Developing surface, furniture or wall coverings for décor.
      Art and Exhibitions: Making art and exhibits tactile for inclusive engagement but also for fine art reproduction.
      Marketing and Packaging: Adding tactile elements to packaging for brand differentiation.
      Textiles and Fashion: Incorporating tactile designs into clothing and textiles.
      Maps: Producing tactile maps for improved navigation for visually impaired individuals.