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At Canon, we take what we believe is the best practice approach to the design and installation of Canon production inkjet printing systems by handling them within the framework of the Canon Solution Delivery Process. A crucial aspect of that process – and one our customers tell us we excel at – is that of providing ongoing assistance.

Recognising the sophistication of today’s digital production systems, as well as the faster turnarounds demanded by customers, we have a range of expert support and maintenance services to ensure that our customers’ productivity remains as high as possible and their customers as satisfied as possible. While offerings may vary from region to region, below are some examples of the services we offer for our production inkjet printers.

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Prevention is better than cure

It’s well established that prevention is better than cure, so the cornerstone of our support offering is a detailed preventive maintenance programme. A range of regular checks, routine maintenance services and the replacement of parts help our customers to achieve the highest operating uptime with minimal disruption to their print production processes.

In addition, some products offer proactive service. This data-driven concept uses sophisticated data analysis to determine which actions are necessary and when, so increasing the uptime of every press. Our highly-trained support engineers can be trusted to deliver whatever level of support a business needs – even up to 24/7 support and two-hour response times.

Repair services designed to minimise your downtime

In many instances, we can offer even quicker response times, thanks to Canon Remote Service. Using a highly secure link between a customer’s production site and Canon, our service specialists can analyse their systems remotely and either provide a fix or gather all the data to enable an engineer to attend and resolve the issue in the most time-efficient manner.

For other faults, our local technicians, backed by our pan-European support experts, are on hand 24/7 if needed/required to respond as quickly as possible, bringing advanced service tools to rapidly resolve issues and minimise downtime. If spare parts are needed, our logistics network with its 40 quick-response depots across Europe ensures that 98% of all spares are delivered within two hours.

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Operator Pro+

During the installation of a Canon press, customers’ operators receive professional training on the press and pre-press workflow. This ensures a smooth start-up and proper operations, day in, day out.

In addition to our standard operator training, we also offer the Operator Pro+ programme for operators who want more independence. The optional Operator Pro+ is a hands-on, multi-day training programme for advanced operators, allowing them to maximise flexibility, performance and machine availability by performing more advanced maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs themselves without having to request an onsite visit from Canon. Operator Pro+ is offered for selected products, such as the ProStream and varioPRINT inkjet presses.


In addition to other proactive support services we also offer the proCARE service programme for selected products, such as the Colorado UVgel roll-to-roll printers and Arizona flatbed printers. proCARE is a premium, comprehensive, after-sales service programme that includes free maintenance, remote support and spare parts, giving customers stress-free operation with 100% cost predictability.

Relocation made easy

We can also help if you need to relocate any of your Canon production printing systems. Our experts can work with you to develop a detailed relocation plan – including a bespoke calculator to advise of the exact cost – and provide end-to-end support to ensure that your systems are transported safely and successfully to their new home.

“Canon after-sales service received an average satisfaction rating of 95% for live phone and onsite support from our customers.”

Canon after-sales service survey EMEA 2021

Confirmation that we’re meeting customer service needs

At Canon, we believe that we provide one of the best, if not the best, levels of service in the industry. That belief is very much based on the feedback we receive from customers each year in response to our Customer Satisfaction Survey, which we use as a measure of how successfully we’ve met the service needs of our customers. And with a satisfaction rating of 95%1 from our customers, we seem to be meeting expectations. But that’s not to say we’ll rest on our laurels; rather, we use it as an incentive to continue to raise our service standards even higher.

[1] According to the results of the Canon Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021

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