Moving Mountains Together

DecTek's collaboration with Canon has elevated their service offerings and successfully attracted a wave of new clients.
  • Objective

    Drive business growth to reach £5 million turnover by 2024.

  • Challenge

    An understanding of which potential opportunities will prove most beneficial for the business.

  • Approach

    Investment in Canon products along with the expertise and market-knowledge helped support the rapid growth of the business.

Office professionals working together

"I have one main regret, and that’s not interacting with Canon sooner than I did."

The Canon solutions

Founded over 20 years ago, DecTek provides print and packaging solutions based out of its facility in South Wales and has grown successfully to become a leading European supplier in the manufacture of resin labels and domed badges.

In 2015, Mike, the owner of DecTek, started a business relationship with Canon. He had long been an admirer of Canon's products, which are known for their constant innovation, exceptional build quality, and leading service and support infrastructure. At this time, he wanted to take a fresh look at the business and explore new printing technologies.

The decision to purchase several Canon devices proved to be a turning point for the business. It enabled DecTek to expand and venture into new areas, resulting in greater growth and financial success.

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Find out how DecTek reached new heights

Download our case study and discover how Canon's powerful devices, expert service support and guidance propelled DecTek to new heights, positioning them as a leading European supplier of exceptional services.

Benefits of partnership

The partnership with Canon provided DecTek with the means to offer additional services, resulting in a boost in revenue. This success has allowed the business to expand its workforce, introduce new job roles, and expand its premises. The introduction of the Canon imagePRESS C810 in March 2021 was followed by the installation of the Canon Arizona 2380 XTF in June, which attracted a significant number of new clients to the business. The installation of these printers has not only increased revenue but has also enabled DecTek to save a substantial amount over a 5-year period.

"The Canon imagePRESS C810 has produced products that have blown away our clients."

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