Your Guide To Powering Your Photography Business With Vivid Prints

Being able to print vivid, large format prints at scale can unlock new potential for your photography studio. Discover how to get started with Canon Ambassador and Wedding Photographer Sanjay Jogia.
Powering your photography business with vivid prints.


Dazzling Your Clients Requires New Ways To Showcase Your Work

Every day 3.2 billion photographs are uploaded to social media1. With such high volumes of photos circulating online, they can easily be lost. With large format printing, your clients can see your craft preserved in stunning detail.

What Will This Guide Cover?

1. Why Print?

“Once that (digital photo) file is gone, they wish they’d done something with it” remarks Sanjay. Demand for prints from his clients has increased because it’s more than just a photograph; it's preserving a memory.
Why print video by Canon Ambassador and Wedding Photographer Sanjay Jogia

2. Addressing Pre-print Challenges

Workflow and media management is simplified with Canon Professional Print and Layout software. Sanjay recommends sharpening the images if you are going for large prints. Paper selection is critical based on your artistic style.
Preparation is just a few clicks away video of Canon Ambassador and Wedding Photographer Sanjay Jogia

3. Print Outstanding Photos

With great preparation, comes great photos. Sanjay’s choice is the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 (now the PRO-4600). This device is packed full of features including borderless printing and automated paper handling, ensuring effortless production of vivid, high-quality prints.
Print outstanding photos video of Canon Ambassador and Wedding Photographer Sanjay Jogia

Elevate Your Photography Business

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