Together we can build a brighter future

Robin van Stroe
Robin van Stroe

European Partner Sales Director

The last few years have been tough for everyone, but especially so for our partners, who rely on the solid commitment and support of their vendors to keep business moving. The ongoing disruption of the pandemic and other global factors has driven a far greater need for agility and co-operation across the industry. And that’s an important point to remember. We are all in this together. For us, Canon is not just a brand, but a family, and our partners are a pivotal part of that group. Times of crisis offer you a chance to become closer and stronger in your relationships and we must all continue to work together to reignite our growth. 
While the seismic shifts of the last few years have brought disruption, they’ve also created opportunity. New ways of working have generated new customer needs and it’s our job to support our partners in aligning their business development to meet these needs. One size doesn’t fit all, so our focus is on understanding each partner’s individual goals and putting a bespoke programme in place to help them get the most out of the Canon offering. We prioritise close collaboration and keep them up-to-date with market movements so that they can make the right decision for their business about where to invest their time and sales efforts. This often includes training and development support and, of course, helping them find the best route to capitalise on our evolving portfolio of hardware, software and services. 
We really want to see our partners thrive, so we’ll do whatever we can to help them drive ongoing business relationships with their own customers. Communication is critical from that perspective. It’s essential that we all work together in an open manner, sharing information and responding in an agile way, so that we can create a network of trust – one that sees our partners achieve healthy growth and their customers receive reliable consistent solutions for their changing business needs.
I truly believe that there are more positive times to come for all of us, but the key to unlocking them lies in remaining close and collaborative to allow our industry to flourish again. We’ll be exploring this further in our upcoming European Channel Partner Conference where I look forward to coming together to celebrate successes and planning for a brighter future.
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