Canon Print Plug-In for Office

Print Plug-In for Office

Canon’s Print Plug-In for Office makes it easy to produce large format prints of all your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Imagine an Excel project timeline, spread over numerous hard-to-follow pages. Now you can turn it into a high-impact, large format version in just a few simple steps.


  • Easy to print from Microsoft Office following simple steps
  • Print first-time without worrying about scaling
  • Combine multiple pages into a single large format print
  • Borderless printing – great for posters
  • Save settings for use again

Detailed Features

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Save time and effort

The problems with scaling Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to make them large format prints are now a thing of the past. Canon’s Print Plug-In for Office takes care of it all for you, giving you the high-impact project plans, posters, banners and signs you need in a few simple steps.

Multi-page printing

It’s easy to combine multiple pages from one file into a single large format print. This is a powerful way of making training and teaching materials that might combine graphs, texts, and images into a high-impact visual tool.

Borderless printing

Documents can be enlarged to fill the full width of the roll of your imagePROGRAF printer. This means you can create impressive-looking posters using key parts of your Microsoft Office files.

Use previous settings

You can save the print settings that you use and apply them again, when needed, in the future.

Product Specification

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