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Secure your data

Protecting business information has been at the top of many organisations’ agendas for years. But with the boundaries between home, remote and mobile working blurring, information infrastructures have changed. And security risks are becoming more complex too.

You know that if you want to maximise productivity, you need to give your people the tools to work anywhere. You also know that not taking the necessary steps to ensure your company data stays protected puts you at risk of:

  • Tough penalties for non-compliance of GDPR and industry-specific regulation
  • The leaking and loss of valuable information
  • Customers losing trust and you losing their business
  • Your hard-won reputation disappearing overnight

Whether your employees are working from the office or are sat on their own sofa, it is critical to maintain the same level of data security.

Our security solutions can help protect your business information, across locations, devices and time zones.

Read on to find out how.

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Access information securely

You know that enabling employees to do their jobs to the best of their abilities means giving them access to information. You know too that whether they access company data from a desktop or a mobile device, the office or their home, they need to do so securely.

So, our solutions allow you to control who can access your documents or printers, whilst also giving you visibility of what a user has been doing on the system, or what has happened to a particular document.

Controlling who can access documents and printers could not be easier with our user authentication features. You can even set up user groups with different access permissions to both printers and documents. Making sure confidential files remain confidential.

Indeed, even when it comes to releasing confidential documents from the communal printer, they’re safe. Only the person instructing the print job can access and collect it.

Want to enable your workforce to access their information easily, but protect your information, your print devices and your data too? With Canon you can.

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Document security

Your documents need to be secure, be they paper-based or digital, whether people access them via a printer, mobile, laptop, computer or other device.

We know that working with documents securely – whatever their shape, size, origin or destination – is non-negotiable; that without adequate security, unauthorised users can access, edit and share your documents, meaning confidential information can fall into the wrong hands.

So, we have added an extra level of security to our solutions, ensuring you can protect your data at document level too.

Our document solutions enable you to:

  • Prevent unauthorised users from opening or editing digital documents - thanks to our password encryption technology
  • Add another layer of security by printing words such as ‘copy’ or ‘confidential’ over the document – thanks to our watermark functionality
  • Add digital signatures that ensure your documents are tamper-proof by verifying the signature’s authenticity each time the document is retrieved.

Want to protect your data at the document level, whatever their shape, size, origin or destination? We can help.

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Secure collaboration

The new world of work means your documents are being shared between more people, across more locations and more devices than ever before. Whoever employees are collaborating with, however they are collaborating, you need to secure your data as it moves in and out of your business. If you don’t, you run the risk of confidential information ending up in the wrong hands.

That’s why our solutions protect data when it travels or is shared, inside or outside your organisation.

Both our print and content management solutions encrypt data when documents are in transit. This means files can move securely to and from laptops, printers and cloud storage platforms. Add our advanced redaction capabilities for another layer of protection, enabling users to remove confidential data for safe, secure document sharing.

Want information to move in and out of your organisation securely and swiftly? Our solutions make collaborating in the new world of work secure and easy.

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Securing your IT infrastructure

You know that the way your people work will continue to evolve. But at what cost if, in facilitating these more agile working practices, you lose visibility and control over your IT infrastructure?

Without them, how can you share information with auditors to prove you are not storing data beyond what is legally required? Simply ‘not knowing’ who is holding and distributing files leaves you open to fines.

This is why our content management solutions allow administrators to define document retention policies. This ensures you receive automatic notifications for approaching expiry dates and can delete documents after their legal retention period has passed. And that’s not all. The system can also provide you with a full audit trail on all actions performed, such as saving or deleting documents and processing workflows.

It is also why our home-office printers only store print job data in their short-term memory, automatically deleting data when the job is completed, or the printer is turned off. This minimises the risk of critical data loss at the printer, giving you one more reason to be confident your data is secure.

Meeting GDPR and sector specific legislation is vital, no matter the size of your organisation. Our solutions can support you.

Work anywhere, anytime

Find out how Canon can help your dispersed workforce work efficiently, effectively and securely from any location.

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