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Welcome to a new age of enlightenment

Bob Pickles
Bob Pickles

Head of Corporate & Government Affairs, Canon UK

On behalf of the team at Canon, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of ILLUMINATE Connects, a new Canon podcast.

We launched the ILLUMINATE programme back in 2018 as a series of live events. It was designed to bring like-minded business leaders, experts, influencers and thinkers together to share ideas and spark new ways of thinking for our key customers and prospects – something we feel is particularly important at a time where it can be difficult to have all of the answers.

Our aim is to welcome people to a new age of enlightenment and explore together the bigger picture; find inspiring new ways to use imaging and information; and build better business by improving the way we live and work. And, with more than 80 years as pioneers in imaging, we’ve got the expertise to help people capitalise on the opportunities brought by a digital world. In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we were presented both with a challenge and an opportunity: how to continue sharing pioneering ideas and processes when we can’t interact with our customers and prospects face-to-face? The solution was easy: let’s take the ILLUMINATE programme virtual! And that’s when ILLUMINATE Connects came to life.

When I was invited to host the ILLUMINATE Connects podcast, I couldn’t say no. It’s not only an amazing opportunity to inspire, inform and enlighten our customers with practical insights to take back to their business; it’s also a way to share that learning.

Our new virtual programme will open up our network of support and guidance, with the aim to inspire, inform and enlighten our curious listeners, so that together we can take their business forward.

"ILLUMINATE Connects will bring together industry experts to help us all steer through these challenging times."

The initial series will consist of four episodes focusing on different topics relevant to the current situation, including motivation, cyber security, and sustainability. How can you motivate your team during challenging times? What does the security landscape look like at present and how is it evolving? Is the current pandemic a risk or an opportunity to the sustainability agenda?

We are living in a time where uncertainty is our only certainty, and we are experiencing big changes in both our personal and professional lives. That’s why we want to stay connected and bring our support and guidance to you. Our ILLUMINATE Connects podcast series will bring together industry experts to help us all steer through these challenging times.

Join us for the ILLUMINATE Connects podcast, created to connect you with industry experts to help us navigate ahead, together

We hope you enjoy!