About Canon Hero

About Canon

Canon is a global provider of digital imaging technologies. Founded in Japan in 1937, we employ over 187,000 people in marketing and manufacturing facilities across Japan, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. 

About Canon

Canon is the leading name in imaging and has been for the past 80 years. We are the leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. An emphasis on technology is part of Canon’s corporate DNA and we are dedicated to helping people reimagine what is possible through imaging.

We are utilising our imaging technologies to go beyond the rich line up of our existing products to cultivating new areas of business where our imaging technology can push the boundaries of what is possible. This reaches into satellite development, medical advancements, growing the possibilities of print and industrial equipment and network video cameras, which contribute towards building smart cities. Canon’s core strength in optical and imaging technology is also contributing to advances in astronomy.

By constantly tackling new challenges, we firmly believe that we can uphold our corporate philosophy of “Kyosei” which conveys our dedication to seeing all people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together for the common good and to contribute to a prosperous society.

Read our Canon Story to find out more about the company and The Canon Frontier booklet to realise our Technology and R&D advancements. For more information on the history of Canon, please visit our global site.

Canon Europe

About Canon Europe

Established in 1957, Canon Europe is one of the company’s three regional headquarters, contributing approximately a quarter of Canon’s global revenues annually. Based in London, UK and Amstelveen, Netherlands, Canon Europe handles regional sales and marketing operations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Canon Europe and its Group companies employ over 13,500 people in approximately 120 markets throughout the region.

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Canon research & manufacturing facilities based in Europe

In addition, Canon has a number of research and manufacturing facilities in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, bringing innovation and new solutions to our key business areas:

  • Canon Research Centre France S.A.S focuses on high performance communication networks, high quality video data processing and web protocols.
  • Canon Bretagne in France produces, manufactures and fills toner cartridges throughout Europe, in addition to recycling Canon cartridges collected throughout Europe. 
  • Canon Giessen, Germany, is a service and support centre and was the first office equipment manufacturing company founded by Canon outside of Japan.
  • Canon Ophthalmic Technologies, based in Poland, delivers leading-edge imaging technologies and is a key supplier of software used in modern eye diagnostic equipment. 
  • Technologies B.V., in Venlo, the Netherlands, is the global headquarters as well as innovation and technology centre. Its main activities include the R&D, manufacturing and logistics of large format, sheetfed and cutsheet printing systems as well as supporting consumables and spare parts.
  • Printing Systems, is the innovation and technology centre in Poing, Germany. It specialises in R&D and manufacturing in high-speed black & white and colour continuous feed printing systems, software and workflow solutions, and professional services.

Canon Group Companies based in Europe

We are continuously pursuing innovation in our core business and new growth areas and continue to expand our portfolio of companies that have the capabilities to enhance Canon’s imaging expertise in new and exciting ways. From software companies to video network solutions, print and photography technologies, we seek the expertise that helps us remain a global leader in imaging technologies. Find out more about our Canon Group companies based in Europe here.

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