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FAQ ID: 41129
Last modified: 22-Jul-08

FAQ: Why can I hear a ‘snapping’ discharging sound when switching the shooting mode to still mode of my DC22 / DC21 / DC19?

Helpful Information:


In very rare cases, a 'snapping' discharge sound can be heard when the camcorder is switched from shooting to stills mode using the main selector switch. The sound may also be audible when power is turned on in stills shooting mode. It can be heard when switching the shooting mode to still mode with the movie/still switch or when turning on the power in still mode. Even if this phenomenon occurs, it will not lead to ignition or heat generation.

If the fault does occur, it may become impossible to turn the power off - in which case, the battery or power cable should be removed from the camcorder.

Affected products:
Products susceptible to the fault have a serial number where the seventh digit from the left is a '0' (e.g.XXXXXX0XXXXX).
The serial number is indicated inside the battery housing, located underneath the LCD monitor (see below).

Serial number

Please note that products with a relevant serial number that have a black dot inside the AV terminal / Card Cover have already been corrected and are no longer prone to the fault.

Black dot marking
Canon Support:
Customers who found the snapping sound with affected camcorders should contact an approved local service centre for a free inspection and repair. Please clickhereto find a list of approved local service centres.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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