When 'good enough' won't do

UVgel printing technology from Canon: when 'good enough' won’t do

Your customers demand exceptional quality prints, particularly for high-spec indoor work. We know slowing down production to reach vibrant, banding-free prints is frustrating.

Canon UVgel technology delivers consistent high quality, print after print, job after job with no compromise on productivity.

  • The precise, instantly ‘pinned’ UVgel dot produces sharp images with minimal dot gain and virtually no satellites.
  • The stable, highly controlled dot ensures superb colour consistency - swathe after swathe, print after print, job after job.
  • UVgel ink is specifically developed with carefully selected colour pigments to deliver a wide colour gamut for rich, vibrant colours and accurate skin tones.
  • The high-performance Canon UVgel printhead with integrated quality control (patented Piezo Acoustic Integrated Nozzle Technology) compensates for nozzle failure on the fly, avoiding white lines.

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