Digital Mailroom is a faster, smarter way to handle mail.

Digital Mailroom

An end-to-end ecosystem to manage all incoming documents securely and efficiently. Providing easy access and collaboration from anywhere.

Companies receive tons of paper and electronic documents. Managing all this incoming mail manually is time-consuming and error-prone.

No matter where mail comes from or what format it’s in, we provide an end-to-end solution that can help your business. Increase productivity and reduce errors through process automation and secure digital archiving that provides easy access from anywhere.

The benefits of Canon’s Digital Mailroom

Benefits Benefits

Collaborate anywhere

Access and share documents from any location.

Benefits Benefits

Speed-up processes

Increase efficiencies to improve productivity, reduce errors and save money.

Benefits Benefits

Enhance compliance

Handle documents and data securely.

Benefits Benefits

Improve your CX

Faster response time to stakeholders.

DWF case study

Exploring the digital mailroom of tomorrow
Canon has helped us to create one, seamless, fully-functioning office environment spread out across 13 locations, and 15 offices. We’re able to focus on providing the best possible legal counsel, and are confident that our business is in the hands of experts.

Janice Moores

Service Delivery and Procurement Manager, DWF

The challenge

DWF, a global legal business headquartered in the UK, was looking for a better way to organise and streamline its paper-intensive processes. It also needed to comply with the industry’s strict regulatory compliance demands to safeguard huge quantities of sensitive client data.

Critical Document Governance ensures that critical documents are sent to the right place at the right time
Our Digital Mailroom solution streamlined and automated key workflows

The solution

Through a strategic partnership, we helped DWF overcome the time and resource-intensive processes that exist almost by default within the legal industry. Giving them a significant competitive edge.
Working closely with DWF, we devised and implemented a new document strategy which introduced mobile document access, mobile printing and a digital mailroom that automatically digitises and delivers all posted documents directly to the inbox of the recipient in email form. 

The benefits

The digital mailroom solution is anticipated to see ongoing annual cost savings of £1m and has ensured that information flows much more seamlessly throughout the business. Perhaps the greatest impact of this change has been felt by DWF’s employees who are now able to work efficiently, with greater access to information, no matter where they find themselves. The solution has also supported DWF in achieving the strictest international security standards with ISO 270001 certification.

Our Digital Mailroom new system gave Aegon full process control and reduced compliance risks.

Discover how a Digital Mailroom can transform your business.


How it works

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