COT Admin Server & COT Admin Tool

Canon’s COT Admin Server is an optional software application for IT Administrators to remotely manage Canon DR-S150 Networked Scanners’ workflows, and add additional functionality.
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Reduce costs and boost control

Simplified scan fleet management, from remote setup and management of user profiles and scan workflows, to adding additional security.

Key benefits

  • Easy centralised management of a scanner fleet

  • Simple job management and distribution

  • Secure authentication

  • User management with the Active Directory

  • Additional advanced scan functions

  • Customised scan-to destination creation

How can the COT Admin Server help your business?

COT Admin Server is an optional software application for IT teams to use together with COT Admin Tool, to remotely setup and manage Canon DR-S150 networked scanners, job user profiles and scan workflows, or add additional security and image processing functionality. In multi-device environments this can significantly reduce operational costs, provide greater efficiency and control.

Easy centralised management of a fleet of scanners

IT administrators can centrally manage up to 1,000 scanners no matter where they are, remotely or centrally configuring and managing both scanners and user job profiles, using the COT Admin Tool.

Job management and distribution

Enables IT administrators to distribute jobs to scanners and to create, register, and manage jobs. It also them to set and manage jobs to distribute to scanners on a device-by-device or user-by-user basis, where job workflow profiles can also be grouped, for example by business department or office location.

Secure authentication

User information can be centrally verified via Active Directory credentials or NFC authentication when the optional NFC tray is installed via Smart Card, representing complete capture security across a network of devices.

Additional Scan functionality

To add additional capabilities using the Canon DR-S150 scanners, IT administrators can add advanced functions, such as a variety of image processing functions, high compression PDF generation, and transmission to an FTP and, or email server.

Customised scan-to destination creation

Enables customers to independently create their own customised output plugin connectors by using available COT Admin SDK, and create customised job icons on scanner control panel.

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