Imagination is the only limit

Using Arizona flatbed to print on glass and mirrors.

Inter-Glass Case Study: Imagination is the only limit

We are a small company but thanks to a great quality of our products, we have managed to build quite some

Joanna Salatka, Inter-Glass

A leader in the glass industry

Inter-Glass is based in Krasnik and is one of the key companies in the glass processing market in Poland. Thanks to many years of experience and their high quality, products of Inter-Glass are sought after by customers from all over Europe.

Growth of the company does not only rely on perfecting their product and increasing output. To meet the demands of customers, asking about a possibility of printing on glass more and more often, the owners decided to invest in Canon’s Arizona 1360 GT large format flatbed printer.

Glass – an unusual medium for a flatbed

Arizona flatbeds allow working with various rigid media, such as wooden sheets, plastic, plywood and laminates. At Inter-Glass, the device gets a chance to process a relatively rarely used medium, glass. A glass of varying thickness, surface texture and different finishing characteristics. The Arizona 1360 GT is one the very few flatbed printers available on the market, which are capable of handling a reflective surface.

Printing on glass with Arizona 1360 GT at Inter-Glass

A few months since installation of the Arizona I see that projects developed with it are very durable and the printing takes very little time.

Joanna Salatka, Inter-Glass

Simplicity and reliability

Owners of the company counted on the newly bought device to offer high quality and durability of print. The important qualities were versatility, simplicity of operating, lack of necessity for complicated reconfiguration of the flatbed printer after every single run and most of all – reliability. Today it has been proven that all of these expectations were lived up to.

Krzysztof Chmiel, Arizona’s operator, says that the printing process itself takes just a moment, regardless of the size and type of the medium. They were once printing a spectacular view of the nighttime Earth seen from the Moon. Despite the sheet of glass being a few square meters in size and a detailed graphic, the print including preparations took less than half an hour.

Krzysztof Chmiel, Arizona 1360 GT operator at Inter-Glass

I have worked with Arizona flatbeds for many years, including the older models. I cannot recall a single case of work downtime due to a failure of the device.

Krzysztof Chmiel, Arizona’s operator

Imagination is the only limit

Printing on glass is a novelty in their offering and Inter-Glass hopes that the number of orders will grow. Market outlook and the universal character of the prints for interior design is promising. Such applications are used by both private customers to decorate their kitchens or bathrooms and by companies – glass printed over is a great idea for the interior of a shop, coffee spot or an office.

Unusual print applications are becoming more and more popular: from layered block printing to projects covered by a sheet of ice. Imagination seems to be the only limit.

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