Print’s new potential in the age of digital fatigue

How print is revitalising multi-channel promotional campaigns

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Print Fuels Emotion

Discover how print can engage consumers and increase response rates in the ‘digital detox’ era with Canon’s Promotional Communications Report.

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There are two trends that have recently emerged in the marketing landscape: the growing distrust surrounding digital’s presence in our lives, and the increasing evidence of print’s ability to stimulate emotional engagement between a brand and its target audience. These trends have led marketers to the realisation that digital channels alone are not enough to build engaging campaigns, and that print needs to be mobilised in a complementary role alongside digital.

This represents a huge opportunity. Marketers and print service providers (PSPs) can work together on multi-channel campaigns that combine the best qualities of print with all the advantages of digitalisation: the ability to address consumers with customised content tailored precisely to their profile, at each stage of the customer journey.

The future of printing technology is its intelligent use in tandem with individualised data to deliver customised communication that elevates user experience and prompts response. For marketers this means that everything which can be personalised online can now be personalised in print. It’s what we call ‘Programmatic Print’.

In this report, Canon explores why brand owners and consumers are changing how they regard digital marketing, and how Programmatic Print maximises print’s impact in multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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