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Easy access to information is vital to any workforce.

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Agile Working – Access to information

Access from anywhere

Information is at the heart of every businesses. How employees access, harness and share it impacts productivity, security and even business continuity. Your organisation’s success depends on it.

Yet accessing vital information and systems is still an issue for many employees, negatively impacting their day-to-day productivity.

Can all your employees access your business information, wherever they are working from, whenever they need to?

Our solutions enable you to capture, process and store documents in the right way, so that your employees can access them easily and securely, from anywhere, at any time.

Read on to find out how.

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Digital access

In today’s world, dispersed teams need the tools to work effectively from any location. They also need the documents to work with. If you cannot digitise the paper-based information that your employees rely on, how can your employees access the data they contain, any place, anytime?

Digitising documents enables collaboration, boosts productivity, and supports more flexible and agile working practices, thereby increasing your organisation’s resilience.

Our range of smart capture solutions not only enable you to transform paper documents into digital copies, they can also automate processing these digital documents, saving you time. The software can recognise the type of document scanned, pre-populate the file name, and enrich your digital document with metadata.

This will reduce time-consuming tasks and make document storage more accurate, meaning everyone within your organisation can find what they need to, when they need to.

Want to digitise all your documents so that employees can access them quickly and easily? With Canon you can.

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The complex art of content management

Content management can be a complex art. How people retrieve and archive documents can be very different. The more people you have in your organisation, the more locations they use to store their content, the more complicated it gets. Especially if you’re using multiple content management systems.

Solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Getting the right one is vital. Choose one that does not use metadata to simplify and speed up retrieval, and there goes productivity. Choose one that does not allow you to set up access rights, and your confidential files could be at risk.

Our solutions provide you with one central system to control and process all your documents. You can access, read and process files regardless of location or device. You can even edit documents offline and re-synchronize them later. To help users find the information they need, our content management system (CMS) has multiple search and retrieval features. You can even search for misspelled keywords, synonyms or the same term in a different language.

And, let’s not forget security. Our advanced authentication features mean only authorised users can access documents, ensuring confidential files remain confidential. Anti-tampering measures verify the authenticity of documents each time they are retrieved too.

Want to reduce search time, frustration and the risk related to loss of information?

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Mobilise your workforce

Empowering employees to access information anyplace, anytime may sound simple. All you need is a good content management system (CMS), right? Well, it helps – but it’s not the whole picture.

To truly mobilise your workforce, you need a wider infrastructure in place that leverages cloud and mobile technologies. Utilising these technologies can accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation and enable your workforce to work more efficiently in the office, from home or on the move, driving productivity all around.

Our portable scanners are the perfect solution for an agile workforce. These light-weight scanners have a small footprint making them the right scanner for mobile workers.

And, the cloud-based infrastructure of our content management solution allows your employees to access documents from any location, via any device. Allowing colleagues who are out of the office, to access the repository, edit files or progress workflows.

Want to mobilise your workforce and drive productivity?

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Control your IT infrastructure

Productivity, flexibility, continuity, work life balance: allowing your workforce to access information from their mobile devices, laptops and PCs, has many benefits. However, if your overarching IT management system doesn’t give you visibility and control over how people access information, you may be introducing serious compliance risks to your business.

Our solutions provide you with the tools that you need to configure and manage your IT infrastructure, regardless of your location.

Work anywhere, anytime

Find out how Canon can help your dispersed workforce work efficiently, effectively and securely from any location.

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