Small camera, big mount, endless possibilities: introducing the EOS C70

Ryuhei Kamata
Ryuhei Kamata

European Product Marketing Manager, Canon Europe

Black Swan, Free Solo and Icarus – these are just a few films which used Canon’s DSLR cameras, as hybrid cameras have developed into essential production tools for creators adapting to change in a world of entertainment evolution.

When we launched the R System back in 2018, we aspired to create a mount that could unlock new possibilities for both photography and film. With the launch of the EOS R5 in July we showed just what the RF mount could do for video - creating a hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera that captures incredible 8K resolution.

Today, we launch the Canon EOS C70 - our first Cinema EOS camera to utilise the RF mount. With such a video powerhouse in the mirrorless range, some may wonder why we felt the need to create a dedicated video camera like this. Let me explain!

The new EOS C70: the first cinema EOS camera with an RF mount

Addressing the growing demand for content

The likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ have generated a huge surge in output and demand for on-demand video content, with platforms like TikTok adding fuel to the fire. The global average of video consumption will soon hit 100 minutes per day, and the production market is necessarily growing broader and more diverse than ever before.

As I mention in my blog on surviving the 'new normal', this has opened up new possibilities for solo shooters, smaller production houses and owner operators. For these small-scale operations, having compact yet capable high-quality imaging devices is essential. They also need versatile equipment that can help them capture everything from social content, to the latest series to be released on Hulu.

Jolade and Sophia on set of Give This Heart A Pen

Bridging the gap

Driven by this evolution in needs, hybrid cameras have become a mainstay in the production environment. With many now capable of shooting 4K, or even 8K, they are an ideal combination of quality and portability. The Canon EOS R5 – for example – has been highly praised by both photographers and videographers. Its 8K film capabilities and size unlock new possibilities, but we needed a camera between the mirrorless and Cinema EOS range to complete our line-up of video products. We saw an important gap to fill to meet new content creation needs, and we now have a full and seamless product line-up that stretches from the compact EOS R5 and RF lenses in the EOS R range to the flagship EOS C700 FF and the Cinema Primes and Zooms.

Big impact, small budgets

The Canon EOS C70 was designed to offer the flexibility and portability of our mirrorless range, while giving creators the best features of the renowned Cinema EOS range. The RF mount has allowed us to achieve a durable body, similar in size to our DSLR and mirrorless models, while enabling filmmakers to level up their productions in terms of cinematic feel, sharpness and seamlessly smooth transitions with our optically excellent RF lenses. Also compatible with our EF range, via the EF-EOS R 0.71x Mount Adapter, we ensure filmmakers can get the most out of their investments.

Vertical shooting is one of many strengths of the EOS C70

What makes this camera different to hybrid models is the professional interface and variety of video functions that have made the Cinema EOS range so popular. Leaning into the heritage of this line-up, the EOS C70 employs the same Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor as the Canon EOS C300 Mark III at a fraction of the cost. We’ve even enabled vertical shooting – making this one of the few professional cameras capable of doing so. Filming in efficient recording formats with enhanced support functions, the Canon EOS C70 packs a punch without breaking the bank.

With further sharp growth expected in the online video market, I firmly believe the Canon EOS C70 is a camera capable of supporting solo shooters in meeting evolving needs today and in the future.

To hear more about the EOS C70 and to view the free programme of events we will be hosting, join us at Canon Vision. Click the following link and explore the virtual showcase today:

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