Professional interface

Stay in control with customisable buttons, pro terminals, sophisticated audio controls and recording.
EOS C70, advanced Professional Interface

Advanced Interface

The EOS C70 inherits many professional features found in existing Cinema EOS cameras, including 13 user-assignable buttons, two Mini XLRs, dedicated audio control dials, and Timecode In/Out. The USB-C port supports 3rd party Wi-Fi and ethernet adapters.

advance interface control setup

1. Input 1 (3 pin mini XLR) / 2. Input 2 (3 pin mini XLR) / 3. Mic terminal / 4. Headphone terminal / 5. USB Type-C terminal / 6. Remote terminal / 7. HDMI output terminal (Type-A) / 8. Timecode in/out terminal (BNC)

Audio Control Dials

Two audio control dials are located on the back for independent adjustment of recording levels. The input source can be selected from line input, the built-in stereo microphone, and the two XLR mic inputs, for a total of 4 channels of audio input.

Audio control dials, EOS C70
filming using I/O interface


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