Broadcast Lenses

Canon DIGISUPER 100 xs

A long-zoom lens featuring advanced optical, mechanical and digital technologies, plus a relatively modest size and weight, the DIGISUPER 100 delivers excellent operability and superb HDTV images.


  • Power optics

  • Internal focus

  • Advanced Image Stabilizer

  • Precision digital servo system

  • Constant Angle Focusing System; 32-bit CPU

  • Robust ergonomic design

  • Ecological design

  • Crossover technology options; 4-position turret

Detailed Features

  • Power optics

    Advanced materials (including a high index ultra low dispersion material) combined with contemporary optical design and multilayer coatings produce an unsurpassed imaging system, delivering pristine results.

  • Internal Focus

    Internal Focus uses a floating optical system to control chromatic aberrations. It allows operators to achieve wide-angle with reduced distortion and minimises variation of the centre of gravity while focusing.

  • Optical Shift Image Stabilizer

    A second generation, built-in Optical Shift Image Stabilizer system (Shift-IS) counteracts shake, ensuring smooth, sharp images in all situations, whether at telephoto extremes or shooting high-speed objects. Includes separate horizontal and vertical control with high/low sensitivity settings.

  • Precision digital servo system

    A digital servo system uses Canon-developed 16-bit optical rotary encoder devices to ensure precision control and repeatability of zoom and focus settings. The system allows for digital interface to Robotic and Virtual studio systems. 10-bit Iris Compatibility ensures high-resolution iris control.

  • Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS)

    CAFS uses a 32-bit CPU to eliminate focus "breathing". It calculates focus changes and synchronises the zoom to counteract picture size/angle of view changes when focusing.

  • Robust ergonomic design

    The lens is ergonomically designed to eliminate centre-of-gravity variations with focus movement. Sealed optics offers protection against dust and smoke, while innovative electrical sealing techniques protect against radio interference.

  • Ecological design

    All contemporary Canon lens systems are free of lead and other substances identified as harmful to the environment.

  • Crossover technology options; 4-position Turret

    A crossover system allows use of the associated camera to switch in the optical extender system or change the aspect ratio between 16:9 and 4:3. 4-position turret includes spare switch positions.