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Shooting video of a sports event is challenging, but ultimately rewarding. Before you head out with your LEGRIA, think of all the elements that will be important to capture; the action, the location, crowds, details of the athletes and their kit.

When you first arrive, take some wide-angle shots to set the scene. It helps to avoid zooming much while recording. Often it’s better to pause, change the composition of your scene, plus the framing and zoom, then restart filming. Some LEGRIA models feature a 50p Full HD mode for capturing smoother motion which is ideal for sports, so try using this setting if your camcorder has it.

Sound captured of the event can be useful, but consider that if you’re in the crowd you’ll mostly get the crowd noise rather than sound of the sport, so experiment with changing the Audio Scene to one that minimises crowd noise.

2016 Steel Pier Surf classic surfing longboard Virginia Beach Va. - C Watts

Rather than fix your position and putting the camera on a tripod, try moving the camera with the action. You will find this easier with a wider shot. If there are several competitors one after another, then try different zoom settings for each one. Remember it’s fine for a distant subject to get larger in the frame as they approach towards the camera, so set the zoom to make sure that when the subject is closest they are still within the frame.

When it comes to editing the movie, you might choose a fast dynamic sound track to use as a bed for your film. Mixing in the sound you captured over the top will help to make the film more powerful.

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