Listen, learn love: our pick of Canon’s 2023 podcasts

Kick back and relax. We’ve selected our favourite Canon podcasts of 2023 for your listening pleasure, packed with info, insights and some surprises.
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Written by Thessa Heijmans

EMEA Head of Social Media

Who doesn’t love a podcast, right? Podcast listener numbers still haven’t reached their peak ­– audiences just keep growing and growing. But is that so hard to believe? After all, podcasts offer so much. They are the curators of culture, they tell us stories, bring us news, educate us and entertain us in equal measure. And all you need is an internet connection, a phone or computer and, if you’re in public, some headphones. Because no one wants to be that person.

The beauty of podcasts is that they can be whatever you want them to be. There’s something for everyone, no matter how niche your interests and the lengths are pleasingly variable too. Only have twenty minutes to spare? No problem. Looking for something in depth and exploratory? There’s so much to choose from! True Crime podcasts have taken the world by storm and, of course, one of the things we love the most about the podcast format is that it brings personalities and communities to life and provides a platform for a wide range of voices to speak.

Take our own podcasts for example. We go to great lengths to make sure we’re bringing our audiences the kind of subjects that matter to them, in the length and format that is most appealing. That’s why Print Matters – A Canon Podcast is short, punchy and addresses the issues that the industry is talking about. And our award-winning Shutter Stories takes a more exploratory approach, but we also add in a few fun short ‘Moments’ where we share previously unheard content or focus on a special topic. Our host, Canon Ambassador Ilvy Njiokiktjien, meets visual storytellers from every walk of life and the conversations can be absolutely captivating. To give you a flavour, here are a selection of our absolute favourite Canon podcast episodes of 2023. Don’t blame us if you find yourself listening to the next one. And the next one. Oh, and maybe just one more…

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Neurodiversity in the creative space

In this, Ilvy Njiokiktjien’s favourite episode, she meets autistic cinematographer Ash Connaughton and visual artist and photographer Dasha Pears, who recently discovered that she has synaesthesia. In this podcast, which feels less like a podcast and more like an intimate chat over coffee, they speak candidly about some of the workplace challenges they’ve faced as neurodivergent creatives. Ash talks honestly about his diagnosis and the pair share their hopes for how the industry might change in the coming years.

Listen on Spotify or search for ‘Shutter Stories’ on your favourite podcast app.

Finding and keeping print talent, with Neil Hoban

The post-Covid landscape has been tough on print businesses, with a perfect storm of spiralling costs, supply chain problems and rising energy prices making everyday operations a challenge. This means that finding and retaining talented and passionate employees is more important than ever. Our host, Jacky Hobson, is a marketing mentor and consultant in the print sector and has a wealth of experience in supporting print businesses, large and small. In this episode, she speaks to CustomerKNECT’s Financial and Commercial Director, Neil Hoban about what he’s seeing happening in the industry when it comes to hiring. They discuss what really matters to employees and why support right at the start can be career defining.

Listen on Spotify or search for ‘Print Matters – A Canon Podcast’ on your favourite podcast app.

Two printed sheets, one on top of the other, on the top sheet reads the quote, “They expect us to come up with something fresh, keep it on brand, make sure we’re not regurgitating from another client’s solution that we’ve come up with. So, there’s a very unique aspect to it and because we’ve got really strong designers in-house, I think that sets us apart from a lot of our competitors. – Jason Moir, Business Development Director at XIC”. In the top left is the Print Matters – A Canon Podcast logo. All is on a red background.

Conservation and adventure: capturing Earth’s rapidly changing ecosystems

Photographers and videographers, adventurers and conservationists, Robert Marc Lehmann and Nicolai Deutsch have a working relationship like no other and it shines through in this brilliant podcast, hosted once again by Ilvy. Together they travel the world documenting the changes that occur in oceans and on land and the impact this has on biodiversity. So few people have actually had first-hand experience of how animals, ecosystems and people suffer because of climate change, so it’s an essential listen. They also share some of the terrifying situations they have encountered and give us a glimpse into an amazing friendship.

Listen on Spotify or YouTube or search for ‘Shutter Stories’ on your favourite podcast app.

Standing out from the crowd in creative print, With Jason Moir

Growing a print business in a digital world can be a tough ask, but not an impossible one. It’s all about finding ways to evolve and understand the issues faced by customers. In this episode, Jacky speaks to someone who knows all about big ideas – XIC’s Jason Moir. He talks about all the ways that print businesses can go above and beyond, building their reputations, but also adding value. This could mean providing new creative services, like design and project management, which solve problems for customers and create real loyalty.

Listen on Spotify or search for ‘Print Matters – A Canon Podcast’ on your favourite podcast app.

2023 has been an outstanding year for our podcasts and we still have a world of topics to explore. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss all the brilliant storytelling and captivating content we have in store for you. Whether you're a long-time enthusiast or just starting to dip your toes into the format, we’ll have plenty to add to your listening lists.

Thessa Heijmans EMEA Head of Social Media

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