Canon launches ColorWave 3000 wide format series for customers in AEC&M sectors

Canon has launched the new ColorWave 3000 series of large format printers for customers specialising in CAD, GIS and short-term graphic arts applications. The new systems address the printing requirements in the architectural, engineering, construction and manufacturing (AEC&M) sectors, as well as corporate environments. With the ColorWave 3000 series, customers have the flexibility to easily print an even wider range of applications from black and white technical documents, drawings and maps, to full colour indoor and short-term outdoor graphics such as posters and roll-up banners.

The ColorWave 3500 has a media capacity of up to four rolls for customers operating at 5000 m² per year

The ColorWave 3700 has a media capacity of up to six rolls and can print up to 368 m² posters per day in fast mode

The new ColorWave 3000 series comprises two different models: the ColorWave 3500 and the ColorWave 3700, both meeting the needs of businesses operating at mid-volumes, and both saving businesses time, resulting in a faster return on investment.

Consistent colour quality

The new printers incorporate the 10-year proven CrystalPoint technology that combines the best of toner and inkjet in TonerPearls, which are melted into a toner gel that crystallises onto the media. Since the introduction of the CrystalPoint technology in 2008, Canon has installed more than 10,000 engines worldwide, based on this technology. CrystalPoint grants customers the option to work with lower cost media without compromising on quality. Prints made with the CrystalPoint technology are instantly dry, enabling handling, stacking and folding to take place immediately.

The use of TonerPearls ensures strong adhesion and scratch-resistance, as well as offers sharp lines with minimal feathering for high quality documents and graphics. TonerPearls prints are also waterproof, enabling businesses to produce applications for short-term outdoor use.

The ColorWave 3000 series also features PAINT (Piezo Acoustic Integrated Nozzle Technology) that helps to overcome nozzle failure on the fly for predictable and consistent print quality, reducing daily maintenance time.


The ColorWave 3500 has a media capacity of up to four rolls and customers can automatically switch between media for faster production. The ColorWave 3700 has a media capacity of up to six rolls, handling up to 1200 m, and can print up to 368 m2 posters per day in fast mode.

The ColorWave 3000 series features the ClearConnect software suite, helping businesses to manage complex print jobs and offer a more flexible and intuitive interface when submitting print files to the printer.

To avoid misprints and delays, Publisher Select enables customers to automatically preview print jobs. To support this, Print Assistant automatically suggests the right print mode for the job, detecting media requirements, so that the printer switches to the most appropriate media roll without the need for manual intervention.

The Folder Express 3011, Folder Professional 6011/6013 and Stacker Select provides a compact print-to-finish solution, offering an automated folding and stacking capability for working environments in which fast production is required.

Suitable for space-constrained office environments, the ColorWave 3000 series with Folder Express 3011 has a footprint of 25% less than its predecessors, the ColorWave 500 and ColorWave 700, with their respective folding capabilities.

Beyond technical applications

The ColorWave 3000 series is easy to use and enables customers to offer new services and applications beyond black and white technical drawings, attracting greater volumes and higher quality work.

The ColorWave 3700 supports close to 40 different media types and media up to 800 μm. With MediaSense technology, the print gap between the media and the print head is automatically adjusted to the optimum distance, allowing businesses to print on an even wider range of media, including uncoated paper.

The new ColorWave 3000 series will be shipped from Q3 2018.

Dominic Fahy, Head of AEC&M, Industrial & Production Solutions, Canon UK comments: “Whether customers are wanting to continue to print CAD documents or looking to expand their applications capability by producing short-term graphic arts applications, the ColorWave 3000 series gives them the opportunity to print both. From taking an innovative vision, turning it into a blueprint, then bringing it to life through coloured visuals, customers can use the ColorWave 3000 for consistent high quality prints, time after time, print after print.”