Get kitted out with Canon Canon UK launches new merchandise collection

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 17th March 2017 – For the first time ever, Canon UK is launching a range of branded clothing and accessories. From vintage camera t-shirts to umbrellas and bibs, you can get fully kitted out this spring.

A selection of the new merchandise has been designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the EOS system and features cameras from the EOS archive. Plus, the vintage series includes designs from the original Canon camera “Kwanon” logo, first introduced in 1934.

The new collection includes clothing such as t-shirts, jackets, sweaters and hoodies, as well as accessories like umbrellas, baby bibs, hats and limited edition camera bags.  Camera fans will also be able to get their hands on a miniature Hansa Canon camera model, replicated on Canon’s first production model and Japan’s first high-quality 35mm camera launched in 1936.

The exciting new range will be available from 18th March from Canon’s online store and on display on the Canon stand at The Photography Show (NEC, Birmingham, 18th – 22nd March) for visitors to experience first-hand.

Ranges and pricing

30 years of EOS branded merchandise

This regular fit men’s t-shirt features Canon’s special 30 years of EOS camera range design and is made from 60% bamboo fibre. It also comes specially boxed. Available in black (sizes S/M/L/XL) for £28.99.

Keep sheltered from the rain when shooting with this Canon branded umbrella. RRP £24.99.

The perfect gift

For future photographers there are camera inspired baby bibs. Featuring old or new camera designs, the bibs are available in green or red (sizes S/M/L/XL) RRP £8.29.

This miniature Hansa Canon camera model is a replica of Canon’s first production model and Japan’s first high-quality 35mm camera that launched in 1936. RRP £57.99.

Vintage series

This regular fit men’s hoodie incorporates Canon’s original ‘Kwanon’ logo from 1934. Available in navy (sizes S/M/L/XL) RRP £49.99.

Choose from these two vintage series ‘Kwanon’ t-shirts made from 60% bamboo fibre. Available in grey or white (sizes S/M/L/XL). RRP £28.99.

This ‘Kwanon’ crew neck sweater is available in olive green (sizes S/M/L/XL) RRP £45.49.

Keep warm with this ‘Kwanon’ branded regular fit zip hoodie. Available in grey (sizes S/M/L/XM). RRP £53.99.

Complete the look with this vintage series ‘Kwanon’ baseball cap. RRP £12.49.

EOS gear

The perfect jacket for those wet and windy shoots, this windbreaker jacket includes an SD card pocket, battery pocket, detachable lens cloth and a lens pocket. Available in grey with an RRP of £124.99.

To order and find out more, visit from 18th March 2017.