DelftDI Xsense

DelftDI Xsense

Canon and DelftDI offers you maximum flexibility when designing your required Digital Radiography solution for your institute. Up to 10 modalities can be chosen from DelftDI's line up. Up to 4 Canon flat panel detectors can be used within a room. This simply results to endless posibilities to reach your ideal X-Ray room configuration.
DelftDI Xsense is the next generation High End solution for all radiographic applications. Find out what are the benefits when choosing this modality.


  • Optimal workflow for high volume patient throughput
  • High efficiency with RIS integrated workflow
  • Smart Automatic positioning
  • Smart tracking, the detector automatically tracks and follows the tube
  • Motorized support for easy positioning
  • Fixed tabletop, no patient movement
  • Acquisition station with large DICOM calibrated touch screen display
  • Canon NE acquisition software with generator integration
  • Extensive portfolio of Canon CXDI Flat Panel Detectors
  • Options: Integrated full automatic image stitching for full spine and full leg, Positioning frame for image stitching, Patient positioning accessories

Detailed Features

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Control Software NE

The DelftDI Xsense uses the Canon CXDI Control Software NE. The intuitive operation of this software gives a wide range of selections directly from the main menu and yet images can be taken within three touches. The CXDI Control Software NE also has advanced image processing that shows the subtle details of trabecular bone structure and soft tissue in the same image. The optimized workflow reduces current operation steps and supports multiple study acquisition. The software delivers high-resolution images, generator communication* for preset x-ray parameters, provides actual exposure factors and patient dose information in the DICOM header. Three levels of access can be set for various users. Along with supporting Program Mode, the software complies with HIPAA standards and is IHE compliant.