Canon CXDI-801G Wireless

CXDI-801G Wireless

Canon's New CXDI-801G Wireless, small cassette-size digital radiography system gives you more freedom for easy retrofit and upgrading in a convenient package. Wireless Freedom that covers all applications.


  • Retro Fits to any Solution
  • Easy upgrade
  • Non Generator Connection mode
  • Manual Synchronisation mode
  • Graphical User Interface support with small sized PC
  • Improved water resistance
  • Wireless
  • Small Cassette-size
  • Light weight
  • High resolution
  • Detection possible with just 2 devices
  • Up to four detectors can be used in one room, offering you maximum flexibility to accommodate the required workflow in your institute.

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Canon CXDI-801G Wireless

Greater sensitivity

The versatile new CXDI-801G Wireless system expands the scope of Digital Radiography with improved diagnostic quality. New CXDI control software NE enhances workflows, provides immediate results and supports extensive network options. This configuration is the perfect choice for table, stand or universal and retrofit solutions.
Superb diagnostic image quality in a versatile, low dose digital radiography system. More sensitive than conventional systems, tailor-made for pediatric and orthopedic use.

Improved Image Quality

Enhanced images. Higher resolution quality, higher sensitivity, highest signal to noise performance. Enabling you to provide an enhanced level treatment to your patients.
Quality you can count on. Reliability and efficiency that provide you, and your department, the confidence that you see the full picture.
Digital radiography systems can save more than 60 per cent of your time, eliminating cassette handling and providing real-time viewing of high quality images.

Optimized workflow

With the increasing emergence of telemedicine, an ageing population, as well as pressure on healthcare, patient volume is increasing, as an imaging professional you can optimize your workflow to concentrate on critical tasks by using DR solutions.
Up to four detectors can be used in one room, offering you maximum flexibility to accommodate the required workflow in your institute.

Control Software NE

The CXDI-801G Wireless Digital Radiography System uses the Canon CXDI Control Software NE. The intuitive operation of this software gives a wide range of selections directly from the main menu and yet images can be taken within three touches. The CXDI Control Software NE also has advanced image processing that shows the subtle details of trabecular bone structure and soft tissue in the same image. The optimized workflow reduces current operation steps and supports multiple study acquisition. The software delivers high-resolution images, generator communication* for preset x-ray parameters, provides actual exposure factors and patient dose information in the DICOM header. Three levels of access can be set for various users. Along with supporting Program Mode, the software complies with HIPAA standards and is IHE compliant.