A herd of zebras at a watering hole in Nairobi National Park, Kenya taken by Georgina Goodwin.


Travel light: photograph nature with the compact PowerShot SX740 HS

A squirrel scampering along a branch; a deer peering shyly from behind trees; a robin hanging off a feeder: wildlife photography requires fast reactions and the ability to get close to the action without frightening your subjects. Whether you're out for a walk, sitting in your garden, or further afield on safari, the pocket-sized Canon PowerShot SX740 HS, with 40x optical zoom and 4K resolution, can get you close to the action and help you to capture that perfect shot.

Here's five reasons why this lightweight compact zoom is ideal when travelling light.

1. Capture distant action with 40x zoom

A wildebeest on the plain of Nairobi National Park, Kenya. © Georgina Goodwin
Thanks to the powerful 40x optical zoom and ZoomPlus technology, this shot of a wildebeest in Kenya is sharp and focused despite being zoomed in. © Georgina Goodwin

The powerful 40x optical zoom on the Canon PowerShot SX740 HS means you don't need to get too close to the animals and risk scaring them away, enabling you to overcome one of the major obstacles of wildlife photography and shoot from a distance. ZoomFraming Assist helps you to get your subject in frame, and the camera's ZoomPlus technology digitally doubles the optical zoom to achieve 80x.

2. Pocket-sized and portable

You don't have to miss a moment with a compact camera because you can take it with you everywhere – from forest to field, safari to seaside. At less than 4cm deep, the lightweight Canon PowerShot SX740 HS camera fits conveniently in your pocket, so it's close to hand as soon as you need it, ready to capture the bird of prey that swoops into view overhead, or the urban fox hiding in the shadows. The possibilities are endless with this compact companion: you can capture high-definition wildlife shots anytime, anywhere.

3. More angles

The flip-up LCD screen on the Canon PowerShot SX740 HS allows you to take the perfect 'out in nature' selfie, especially when paired with the camera's Self Portrait mode. The 180-degree tilt screen is incredibly versatile, allowing you, for example, to shoot from the hip without bending down, and still see the image you're capturing.

4. Share your shots

A close-up of one of the 60 rhinos in Nairobi National Park with two Oxpeckers, also known as tick birds perched on its back. Shots like these are perfect for sharing with friends on social media. © Georgina Goodwin

If you enjoy sharing your photography with friends and family, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity means connecting the Canon PowerShot SX740 HS to your smartphone could scarcely be easier. Simply use Auto Transfer on the Canon Camera Connect app and within moments you'll be transferring images to your phone or tablet to post to social media or send to loved ones. Even if you shoot purely for the pleasure of the activity itself, this feature is a godsend – making it refreshingly easy to back up your latest photos to a PC.

You don't have to compromise on video quality when choosing a compact model. The small but mighty Canon PowerShot SX740 HS shoots amazing 4K video, capturing the coarse hairs of an animal's fur, or the intricate markings on a bird's feathers. This high resolution, combined with Optical Image Stabilizer, means it's possible to shoot at this quality even if you're on the move. There are also options to grab stills from your footage later, or shoot in time-lapse movie mode – ideal for capturing a dramatic sunset.

Written by Tamzin Wilks

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