Bring the joy of spring into your home with Creative Park

Papercraft is not only therapeutic, but inspires imaginative play and is a wonderful way to engage, entertain and educate young (and old) minds. It's as fun as it is creative, and with Canon's online service Creative Park, you can download a wide variety of exciting papercraft activities for free, for the whole family to enjoy making. All you need is a Canon printer, some paper and basic papercraft tools, which we've listed below. 

What are you waiting for? Let's get started with these spring-inspired ideas.

You will need: 

  • A printer – find out which Canon printer is right for you
  • Paper
  • Scissors/utility knife
  • Glue stick and wood glue
  • Ruler or set square
  • Pencil
  • Object with pointed tip
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers

1. Brighten up your home with flowers

Create delicate hand-crafted flowers for a fun, interactive way to get the whole family involved in brightening up your home.
Create delicate hand-crafted flowers for a fun, interactive way to get the whole family involved in brightening up your home.

Flowers can transform the most dismal of days. A freshly picked bloom will bring colour into your home for a few days, but a freshly printed one will last much longer! A simple and bright single Gerbera papercraft project can be found in Creative Park's 'Plants' section along with many other flora varieties such as Poinsettia, Roses and even Cacti and Bonsai trees.

Crafting tip: use Canon's Matte Photo Paper to give those petals a lifelike texture.

2. Start a paper petting zoo

A papercraft bunny rabbit.
With a range of animals to choose from – everything from household pets to wild fowl – you can get creative and make something to remember.

With more than 180 animal papercrafts to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start, but what better creature to signify the arrival of spring than a cute and curious bunny rabbit? Taken from the collection's 'Beginner Series', this is a top choice for little ones new to papercraft, as it will help them get to grips with the basics of folding and cutting.

Crafting tip: paste on the ears at whatever angle you like – point forward for cuteness or tilt back for a more alert look.

3. Get playful with the spring breeze

A colourful papercraft merry-go-round.
If you're looking for more of a challenge, try to make something with moving parts, like a a merry-go-round, ferris wheel or even a roller coaster.

Bring home all the fun of the fair with this moveable toy carousel, home to a set of six brightly coloured animals, including an elephant, panda and lion. Open up your windows and doors, let the warm spring air refresh your home and watch this handcrafted toy come to life. Like the dozens of other wind-powered educational papercrafts listed under Creative Park's 'Play' section, this item will help you celebrate the changing seasons.

Crafting tip: make sure your merry-go-round pops with colour from every angle by using Canon's Double sided Matte Paper.

4. Bring the outside, in

A wall decorated with blue butterflies.
Wall decorations such as these butterflies taking flight can brighten up your home, and are easier to make than you might think.

As outside spaces spring back into life, bring some of that vibrant colour into your home with 3D wall stickers. The joy of watching butterflies flutter around spring flowers can be replicated on your walls with these butterfly prints that will dance around with the breeze, or whenever you pass by.

Crafting tip: start with a few smaller butterflies near the floor and build up to a higher quantity of larger butterflies as you move up the wall to create the illusion of a kaleidoscope (the official name for a group of butterflies) taking flight.

5. Frame your favourite photos

A pale pink papercraft photo frame.
Bring memories to life with a wide selection of designs. Choose the perfect frame for each moment shared.

Putting up photos is a lovely way to remind yourself and loved ones of happy times, and also provides inspiration for things to look forward to such as birthdays and holidays. Creative Park offers multiple photo frame papercraft designs, including this pretty pink, Japanese-inspired vignette, perfect for spring and summer or as a gift for Mother's Day.

Crafting tip: if you'd rather skip the frame altogether, you can print your photos directly onto Canon's Magnetic Photo Paper then pop them on the fridge door for everyone to see.

In addition to magnetic paper, you could try printing to restickable paper to decorate scrapbooks or bedrooms with your favourite photos, or iron on transfers in a range of designs to create customised clothing. For additional ways to use Creative Park to brighten up your home this spring, download the Creative Park App for iOS and Android.

Written by Natalie Denton

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