Capturing cinematic movies

Achieving a cinematic look when shooting movies is a skillful art. Smooth focus pulling – ensuring that your main subject looks sharp in your frame - is one of the ways you can achieve a professional feel.

However, this technique can be tricky to do without practice. If you’d like to get started, try focusing on a static object as you walk towards it and adjust your lens to keep it looking constantly sharp in your frame.

To draw your viewers’ attention to your main subject think about blurring the background in your shots while keeping the main subject pin sharp, alternatively for wide shots you may want to keep everything in focus.

Our latest cameras can help overcome the challenges of focus pulling when shooting movies thanks to Hybrid CMOS AF III focus technology. It allows for smooth, automatic tracking and means your subject will always look sharp, even when moving in your frame. Some Canon cameras also have a touchscreen to help you easily shift focus from one subject to another without having to touch your lens. You simply touch your subject on the screen to bring it into focus. The result is smoother, premium looking movie footage with a cinematic feel.

Capturing Cinematic views