Capturing the moment

Getting the perfect shot in action photography is as much about preparation as it is about being in the moment. When it comes to shooting sport, you need to be familiar with your environment so you can be in the right place, at the right time, with the right kit to capture the moment. Try to visit the venue before the event to understand where and how you can compose the best shots.

You also need knowledge of the sport you’re photographing. If you are shooting a football match for example, try to look for patterns of movement. It is much easier to get a good shot if you are able predict that something is going to happen a bit in advance.

Sometimes things happen so fast you don't have time to react. Enable continuous shooting mode alongside AI Servo continuous auto-focus. Then point the camera at your subject and half press the shutter to start tracking.When you press down fully you will capture a sequence of focused images, which will increase your chance of achieving the perfect shot.

The speed varies between camera models. For example, the EOS 7D Mark II contains a bespoke shutter unit and mirror system, as well as Canon’s DIGIC image processor, that allows you to shoot at an incredible ten frames per second.

Action Photography - Capturing the moment


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