Capturing the atmosphere in low light

You don’t always need a DSLR and a tripod to capture the atmosphere of a scene in low light. Although that set up will give you great results, it might limit your agility. And that’s not ideal when you’re shooting subjects like wildlife.

Using a compact camera can give you more freedom to move between shots and vantage points.

And if you have one of the many Canon compact cameras with HS System, you can still achieve great results in low light. The HS System’s high-sensitivity sensor and powerful DIGIC processor work to accurately capture the real atmosphere and colour of the moment, just as you see it. It means you can photograph twilight or night scenes and achieve balanced shots.

When using a compact camera like the PowerShot G7 X, with its larger sensor and wide aperture lens, you can achieve shots that even a DSLR user would be proud of.

Shooting photos in low light


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