Canon SmartLF Gx+T 42 Specifications

Maximum image width

42" (106.7cm)
Image length: Not limited by scanner

Maximum media width

46" (117cm)
Thickness: Gx+ 0.08" (2mm)/ Gx+T 0.8" (20mm)

Scan speeds in/sec

24-bit RGB colour @ 200dpi (not Turbo Mode)
8-bit greyscale & monochrome @ 200dpi

Scan accuracy

+/- 0.1% +/-1 pixel

Optical resolution

Dots per inch (dpi) (user selection of 1200 x 1200 or 600 x 600 modes)

Extended resolution

Linear interpolation from 100 to 9600dpi in 1dpi steps

Scan modes

16.7 million colour RGB (24-bit)
256 & 16 colour RGB adaptive indexed colour palette (8-bit & 4-bit)
256 level greyscale (8-bit)
Black & White 1-bit

Digital image processing

2D Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding (IAT) (1-bit mode)
Fixed Threshold Black & White (1-bit mode)
Dynamic Normalisation Application (DNA) with 16-bit super sampled data

Colour space

Normalised/linearised RAW RGB or sRGB data

Colour image processing

Gamma, brightness, black & white point adjustment

Advanced 2+3 wheel-drive APT

Dual, precision ground drive rollers
Dual, all-wheel-drive contour rollers with high grip rubber tyres
Single media hold down roller optimised for superior L/R stitch
Face down, front loading, rear exit media path with side or centre justification
Automatic media size detection with reliable optical media sensors

Motorised Thick Media adjustment

Adapts the APT for media up to 20mm (0.8") thick
Automatic detection of optimum grip roller pressure
Simple operation from scanner control panel at the touch of a button

All digital image sensor technology

6 x quadri-linear CCDs each with 10,800 pixels (RGB + monochrome)
Rigid monocoque chassis provides accurate camera positioning & location
48-bit primary point colour image capture
16-bit primary point greyscale image capture
Panchromatic monochrome and black & white

Light source

Dual 2D extra long-life LED light system for optimum object illumination and instant-on scanning capability


6 x micro lens with integral infra red filter

User status & One Touch operation

LCD scanner control panel provides easy walk up operation and user selection of scanner mode with stop, forward, rewind, scan & copy buttons
User Selectable IP address, local language options and panel overlay
MTM control buttons (Gx+T range)

Scanner maint. & replaceable parts

Customer installable, plug 'n' play scanner
Precision media calibration with DNA 16-bit super sampled data
Automatic digital stitch adjustment/ easy access for cleaning
Chemically treated, scratch resistant scan glass with magnetic mounts

SmartLF software (included)

Scan_to_file with real-time image viewer
Scan_to_copy with real-time image viewer
Scan_to_email with real-time image viewer
Drivers, TIFF, JPEG, PDF file formats

Interface (included)

Gigabit ethernet (2m) & USB2 (2m) data cables/ local power cable
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)/ Still Image Interface (STI)

Dimensions & weight

56.7" (W) x 7" (H) x 14.6" (D) (144 x 18 x 37cm), 97Ibs (44Kg)

Power requirements

Scanning Power Consumption: 72Wh (scanning), 4.5Wh (Standby)
External Power Supply: 100-250 VAC autosensing +/- 10%, 50-60Hz

Environmental Impact

ENERGY STAR and RoHS compliant

Operating Conditions

10-35 degrees Celsius, 35%-80% RH non-condensing

Scan software

ScanWorks - professional scan_to_archive & post scan image processing

Copy software

CopySmart - professional scan_to_print with IT8 colour matching

EDC software

ISIS Driver - connect seamlessly to EDM systems & database

Scanner accessories

Floor Stand 32.3" (H) x 21.7" (D) (82 x 55cm), 29Ibs (13Kg)
Paper Catch Basket (floor stand is required)
PC & LCD monitor mounting kit (floor stand is required)
Universal Repro Stand with PC & LCD monitor mounting kit
72" (W) x 53.5" (H) (max. inc. scanner) x 31.5" (D) (183 x 136 x 80cm), 99Ibs (45kg), max permissable printer height 45.5" (115.5cm)