Océ ColorWave 650 Poster Printer

Océ ColorWave 650 Poster Printer

Claim your share of the fast-moving poster economy with the Océ ColorWave 650 Poster Printer. This highly productive and cost-effective large format printer changes how you create point of sale posters and make money from them. Use it to increase throughput and reduce production costs for quick-turnaround POP materials. Offload wide format, short-turnaround jobs to a faster, economical digital printer. React faster to competitor's offers by printing your campaign materials in-house.


  • Print up to 155 A1 poster per hour
  • Up to 6 roll media capacity
  • Direct-dry, water-resistant prints on plain and recycled paper
  • Consistent high quality prints on wide range of special media

Detailed Features

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Productive poster printer

The Océ ColorWave 650 Poster Printer takes productivity to the next level. You can print up to 1240 A1 point of sale posters in one eight-hour shift. This is the only 6-roll poster printer in the world. That means you can print and deliver an entire point of purchase poster campaign on mixed media in a single business day. Without losing time in switching or changing media.

Reliable and versatile system for point of purchase poster printing

Our patented Océ CrystalPoint®imaging technology produces instantly dry, point of purchase posters - cut-to size and ready for mounting. These consistent, high quality point of sale posters have a unique silk-shine look and feel. Océ CrystalPoint technology requires no daily maintenance, while our reliable paper path and solid construction ensure maximum, longlasting performance.

High quality short run poster printer

This system uses Océ TonerPearls®solid toner and Océ CrystalPoint imaging technology to deliver the best point of purchase posters. You get consistent, high quality point of sale posters on economical, plain, recycled paper and special media. No chemically coated media is needed. With solid toner, there are no emissions, no fine dust or odors.

Choose your Océ ColorWave 650 Poster Printer configuration

The Océ ColorWave 650 Poster Printer is built to fit your needs. Choose from:
2 to 6 media rolls
Océ TC4 scanner
With a range of finishing options: online folders: full or fanfold
Flat output stacker
Take up roll
3 inch and 2 inch media cores

Product Specification

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