Océ DPconnect

Océ DPconnect

Use Océ DPconnect to automatically convert Xerox print data from Xerox DigiPath and Xerox FreeFlow environments and easily submit it to Océ production printers. Océ DPconnect is a fully integrated workflow solution with the Océ PRISMAproduction software.


  • Océ DPconnect enables you to use your Xerox workflow for Océ printers and benefit from higher flexibility, productivity and print quality.
  • That means you can print documents from Xerox printer drivers, Xerox job submission tools and Xerox DigiPath/FreeFlow on Océ printers.
  • Océ DPconnect lets your users work productively by fully automating the conversion process. You can easily integrate Océ DPconnect without changing your IT infrastructure - simply add new printer options for users on your network.

Detailed Features

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Convert Xerox print data and get more out of your printer investments

Thanks to Océ DPconnect you can make full use of your existing printer investments in a multi-vendor environment. At the same time you can expand your networked print volume capacity and the variety of applications you can handle.

Product Specification

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