ONYX Textile

ONYX Textile

ONYX® Textile is software designed specifically for the large format textile and wall decoration market and is available as an application specific edition of ONYX® Thrive and ONYX® RIP solutions.


  • All the capabilities of ONYX® Thrive and ONYX® RIP solutions
  • Array of rich features specific to textile and wall decoration print requirements
  • Powerful productivity tools, including Step-and-Repeat
  • Disproportionate scaling capabilities
  • Colourways and colour swatch books
  • Ink configuration builder
  • Powerful colour innovations, including Chromaboost™ and spectral calibration
  • Speciality and spot colour ink restriction
  • Easily add custom sewing and hemming marks to reduce finishing time
  • Enhanced cutting technologies.

Detailed Features

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Product Specification

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