Kuttab Publishing

With rising aspiration and output from among UAE-based authors, Kuttab Publishing needed to streamline the process around each book to ensure quicker turn-around from contracting to retail availability. The first step towards shortening the process was to create in-house printing capabilities, and the search began for suitable book printing solutions, digital or offset.

“Having evaluated numerous options, we visited the Canon showroom, fully aware of Canon’s reputation in the market and standing as a leader in printing solutions”, said Jamal Alshehhi, Founder, Kuttab Publishing, At the showroom, Kuttab Publishing was introduced to the Canon VarioPrint UAE’S KUTTAB PUBLISHING ADDRESSES GAP IN MARKET WITH CANON DIGITAL PRINTING AND WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Ultra 6160 and the Canon imagePRESS C850, an innovative suite of solutions that print digitally, but with the speed and quality of o¬ffset printing. The unique feature that we were most impressed by was the Web-To print, which made book printing on-demand easier.