From image to output: Jörg Kyas has total image control with Canon

A great advocate of print – ‘the true expression of an image’ – Jörg Kyas required high quality large format printing technology to help realise his work’s potential and increase the profitability of his business. A long-standing fan of Canon’s camera equipment, Kyas recognised the obvious benefit of using the same imaging supplier across his production workflow, opting for a 24” Canon imagePROGRAF for his business’ printing requirements. This print-centric approach has helped Kyas to establish his studio in the advertising, portrait, beauty and fashion markets, while continuing to serve the music industry.


"The imagePROGRAF is supporting the studio’s growth. We’re getting better, bigger jobs and, importantly, projects that we’re passionate about. With the additional time the machine provides us, we can now focus on the personalised portfolios for each clients’ project with even optimum focus, taking great care to create, correct and improve our photographs so they’re the best they can possibly be."

Jörg Kyas, Kyas Photography