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Cambridge Assessment are changing lives worldwide with collaborated and focused delivery by Canon Business Services

With its heritage dating back to 1858 and the first University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, Cambridge Assessment is an international exams group with a strong reputation for excellence. Its three exam boards, offer qualifications that are recognised by universities, employers, governments, immigration authorities, professional bodies and education providers around the world. As such, it handles a wide range of documents, including exam papers, certificates and student details, resulting in a very specific array of print and distribution requirements.

Canon was awarded a 65-month contract to manage Cambridge Assessment’s end-to-end document processes, worth over £50 million. Canon is responsible for the digital production of exam papers in a secure environment, using six Canon production printers (three sheet fed, three web), paper handling equipment, online folders and guillotines. The digital volume is in the region of 350 million A4 impressions per year.

Kate Barnett, Cambridge Assessment’s Group Director of Operations says of Canon: “the collaboration and focused delivery is strong: we are a tough customer with high and demanding standards because our examinations can change the lives of the 8M candidates in 170 countries worldwide – Canon have proved themselves to be an ideal partner for reliability, flexibility and managing the complexity of our growing business”.