This ultra-thin solar powered 12-digit business calculator provides practical functionality, slim aluminium design and environmental accountability. A convenient business tool that combines style and sustainability.


  • Stylish, slim and durable design
  • Part-manufactured from recycled Canon materials
  • Solar powered - contains no battery
  • 12-digit desktop calculator
  • Convenient business functions (cost, sell, margin)
  • Key roll over for fast entry

Detailed Features

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Sophisticated, durable design

Sleek and stylish, the X MARK II calculator has a smart, matt surface - available in white or black - with an elegant aluminium lower case. The slim, streamlined body is compact as well as durable and dependable, with laser engraved print on the keys. It all adds up to style, reliability and environmental responsibility.

Enhancing efficiency, conserving resources

This smart, 12-digit mini desktop calculator sets new standards - in style, efficiency and environmental accountability. It features a large and clear LCD display panel and some calculator parts are made from recycled Canon materials. . This maximises resource efficiency and reduces wastage - making the X MARK II the calculator of choice for environmentally responsible executives, professionals and environment conscious individuals.

100% solar powered - no battery, no waste

Millions of calculators are thrown away every year, many with used batteries that cannot be replaced. The X MARK II calculator is completely solar powered, using natural, renewable energy. It contains no battery at all, so there's no harmful waste.

Convenient business functions

Work out your profit margins automatically using separate cost-sell-margin keys, without the need for complex formulae. It's the easiest way to simplify complex calculations and save time. Other functions include a Grand Total memory as well as shift, percentage, sign change and square root keys. A key roll over function allows speedy entry of figures without keys blocking.

Product Specification

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12 - digits

12 - digits


Some parts are made from Canon Recycled Product Material

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