We love your image ("content") and would like to feature it on Canon’s social media channels, e-newsletters and websites. If you allow us to use and feature your content, the Terms & Conditions which follow below set out how Canon will feature your content.

Use of your image for commercial purposes
If we use your content, in consideration for Canon Europa N.V., registered at Bovenkerkerweg 59, 1185 XB, Netherlands its subsidiaries, group companies and assignees (collectively "Canon", "we" or "us") featuring, using and/or displaying your content for commercial or non-commercial purposes, we will publicize your content and credit you as the content creator on Canon social media channels, e-newsletters and/or websites.

How we will source your content
Canon shall source your content from your Social media post and the content is provided to us by the social media platform as a JPEG image or an MP4 video. The content may not be the same as it was when you originally uploaded it to Instagram (for example, it may by compressed or the embedded EXIF data may be missing). The content will be displayed on Canon social media channels, e-newsletters and/or on its websites only.

You retain ownership of your content but you give us a license
You will retain full ownership of the content but you grant us a limited license to use and display the content. Canon reserves the right in its absolute discretion to decide whether or not to display your content on Canon social media channels, e-newsletters and/or websites. The limited license you grant us is a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable license to feature, use, reproduce, distribute or display your content and to create derivative works from the materials contained in the content. As with any content placed online, copies of the content may be made and distributed by independent third parties or end users without our knowledge or permission. Therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for how a third party may use your content.

We will credit you if we use your content
You also grant us a right to use your user name, profile image, pseudonym and/or image in connection with use of the content. Canon may give you credit in connection with the use of the content by identifying you in conjunction with the content and we may also provide a link to your original post displaying the content, to the extent available, on the respective social media channel.

Your representations to us
We understand that the content is your original work and does not violate any existing intellectual property rights, including, without limitation, copyright or trade secret or any contractual rights, and that it contains no matter which, if published, will be fraudulent, harassing, libelous, obscene, or a violation of any rights of privacy, or any law or regulation. This means you should ensure that you have all the rights and consent from all third party rights holders in your content before you agree to us using your content. A rights holder may be a third party brand or company name, a person shown in the content or a famous building.

In agreeing to us using and featuring your content, Canon will take it at “FACE VALUE” that you have all necessary rights and that you have obtained consent from any people or brands shown in the content. Canon cannot accept any responsibility and/or liability for any third party claim and/or claim of infringement of third party rights by the use, display or featuring of your content and will direct any third party claim to you.

The term of this agreement shall commence on the date you confirm that Canon may use your content in accordance with these Terms & Conditions and it shall continue until terminated by us. You may request termination in writing by submitting your request to

We may contact you
We may wish to contact you about your content, for example, if we wish to feature your content in other ways. You agree to Canon or its appointed agent contacting you through our official Canon social media channels.

Governing law of this agreement
These Terms & Conditions shall be construed under, and any dispute relating to them or the use and display of the content shall be governed by, the law of England and Wales.