Web to Print for CRD

Workshop Overview
A recent survey showed that CRDs who have implemented a web to print solution have higher user satisfaction levels than those organisations who haven’t implemented web to print.

Web to Print is an all-encompassing term for doing the business of ‘print’ over a network.  End users can make print more effective and easier to obtain by ordering online, and CRDs can offer new value-added services and improved efficiency by providing these solutions.  Web to print really is a win-win situation, but it’s important that your strategy is the right one for your business.

Why attend?
The Web to Print for CRD workshop will help CRD managers and an organisation’s decision makers to make the fundamental decision of whether to invest in a web to print solution.  It will explore the industry drivers, the strategies that have brought success, and highlight the risks, benefits and potential return on investment that web to print can bring.  Delegates will leave with a clear roadmap to success.

Who is it for?
This workshop is designed for CRD managers and other people involved in strategic business decisions that support the development of an organisation’s CRD.  It is not a technical workshop, but it will contain important information about how other communication technologies impact printing.

What will you learn?
Market trends and communication strategies
Top level business benefits (both corporate and departmental)
Preparing the business for web to print
Scoping the project and solution requirements
Launching and promoting the service to users
Measuring the success of the solution

Consultant Profile - Peter Lancaster, Director, W2P
Peter Lancaster has 30 years’ experience in graphic arts, digital print management, and workflow solutions.  Using his extensive knowledge of Web to Print and VDP environments, W2P was set up to provide both strategic and operational expertise for today’s rapidly changing market.  He has helped clients deploy Web to Print systems for some household name clients in the retail, financial, healthcare and leisure markets.

Prior to W2P, Peter served as MD of St Ives Graphic Media, a leading provider of one-to-one marketing communications and e-procurement solutions for digital print.  He was also MD of GDI, which launched Europe’s first Web to Print system for stationery products.  His clients included Freeserve, BT, AOL, Sky Sports, Barclays Bank and Boots.

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Latest Course Dates & Locations

  • New dates for 2010 to be announced shortly.  

Workshop guide:

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