Internet of Things (IoT) Security Webinar

Discover how to safeguard your office against internal and external security threats


4 people in a class meeting room

How to protect your IoT connected office from overlooked cloud security threats

Register now to join us on Thursday 28th June at 1pm GMT to find out more

Your business relies on data and print security, but how secure exactly is cloud computing? IoT has the incredible potential to change the way we work for the better - but there’s a risk. The increasing number of connected devices in the modern office poses security questions that all businesses should be asking. While it might seem obvious to focus on external threats, we also need to think about keeping data secure from the inside.

In this webinar, our experts will share their industry expertise, taking you through the key steps to keeping your cloud software secure, and your company and employee data safe. You’ll learn about how technology, staff engagement, and internal policies all play a part in protecting your office from imminent cloud security threats, and how you can take the first steps to make sure everything stays running smoothly.

Register now to join us on Thursday 28th June at 1pm GMT to find out more.

Join us on Thursday 28 June at 1pm GMT to find out more.

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