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Join us at the Future Promotion Forum 2019

Canon Customer Experience Centre, Poing, Germany
September 24


Boost engagement

For marketers, finding, knowing and engaging customers is the main priority! Ensuring optimal customer engagement can be challenging as potential buyers have more and more channels competing for their attention. Achieving the best blend between those channels and using them for their tactical advantages is the master key.

Creative strategies for digital and print in a connected world

The Canon Future Promotion Forum 2019 provides an innovative platform for industry experts to share insights, inspiration and experience on how to boost customer engagement. Learn about programmatic print and how it interplays with digital to increase the return on marketing investment.

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What is the Future Promotion Forum?

It is an opportunity to hear from industry leaders and network with forwardthinking colleagues from the industry. From the keynote presentation covering future-looking trends to thought-provoking talks from industry experts, you will learn about the new role of print in the omni-channel and how it can interplay with digital channels for an optimal buyer journey.

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Take a look into the future

The Future Promotion Forum is designed for brand owners, retailers, media & creative agencies, marketing managers, communication managers and print service providers. Be inspired for future innovation through synergies between online and print channels, industry best practices, experiences in orchestrating media, and insights into programmatic printing.

This event is by invitation only.


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