Designer, photographer and film maker Clive Booth brings his work to life in vivid colour

Designer, photographer and filmmaker Clive Booth is known for his distinctive style of selective focus in available, continuous and found light, giving his work an atmospheric, intimate and at times ethereal quality along with experimentation and early adoption of new technologies and techniques. Through his graphic design background, he developed a deep love of print; a love that has influenced his belief that there is something special about being able to hold a printed photograph in your hand.


"There’s something about holding a print in your hand. If you buy a piece of art, it’ll usually be on a canvas. It’s the same with photography; when you buy it, you want to buy it on paper, you don’t buy it on a monitor because when prints are made on paper, you can hold them in your hand and there’s something special about that. That’s the main reason why I have a printer."

Clive Booth